Newsletter November 2013

Success can never be guaranteed – there are too many influences and variables, hold-ups and hindrances en route to getting there. But the more aware you are of the things that can affect your plans, the better prepared you can be to deal with them.

In a well-functioning project, all of its individual parts must mesh together like the cogwheels in a wristwatch. The watch casing and dial are ornamental, but by themselves they cannot make a timepiece one would take any delight in. It is what’s inside that lends functionality and benefit, enabling the watch to fulfil its purpose.

More examples of well-meshed cogs can be found in the following references, where the wheels are turning in aid of customers efforts towards greater quality, efficiency and performance. Find out how companies in assorted industries are putting PDF Tools AG software to work at various stages of document processing – for example, merging documents from a variety of sources into a single PDF, converting emails automatically, or printing PDFs in bulk for daily mailings to over 30,000 patients awaiting their laboratory test results.

PDF Transparency reviewed and Controlling enveloping machines using OMR markers are our latest blog posts, where Mr Bärfuss explains PDF functions and reveals features of the 3‑Heights™ PDF Printer. Further blog articles are in the pipeline, and one or the other will be posted online before the year is out.

We wish you pleasant and enjoyable reading, and a successful finish to the year.
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Success Story Lenzlinger Söhne AG, Nänikon, Switzerland

“The products in use have exceeded our expectations with regard to performance and we are very pleased to have taken this step. Support requests for PDF generation have declined massively since we started using the 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer.
The PDF Assembler makes it possible to compile new PDFs in the simplest way possible. Both are much appreciated by our users. The excellent support for installation queries is worthy of special mention. The response to our queries was always quick, competent and uncomplicated.”

Rolf Würgler, Head of Informatics,
Lenzlinger Söhne AG

An OpenSource solution was already in use throughout the company. However, it was often the cause of problems, especially in conjunction with large-format PDFs, for instance AO generated by AutoCAD. In many cases they could not be opened by the recipient or were partially incomplete.

Read the full story about the successful implementation of 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer and PDF Assembler at Lenzlinger Söhne AG and how easy the procedure is now to merge several different document types to one PDF.

Success Story Dr. Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India

“We are 100 satisfied with the 3‑Heights™ PDF Printer as far as our requirements are concerned. With the help of this tool, we are managing more than 170 print queue threads for different report printers without any issues whatsoever.”

Munender Soperna, Head of IT,
Dr Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd.

A mechanism was needed that could manage the printing of more than 30,000 clinical reports daily. Considering the workload and turnaround time, the most important goal for the laboratory was to achieve this in a minimum stipulated period without impacting performance of the application that generates the report data.

Read more how PahtLabs achieved 100 percent of their requirements to a pdf printer with the implementation of 3‑Heights™ PDF Printer

Success Story rhenag – Rheinische Energie AG, Cologne, Germany

“In addition to the product‘s format neutrality, the outstanding support service provided by PDF Tools AG is more than worthy of emphasis. These experiences will doubtlessly lead to a more intensive cooperation.”

Andreas Weingarten, managing director,
rhenag-Thüga Computer Center GbR

As a system solution, LIMA offers a range of coordinated modules for handling every business process in today’s energy supply industry. This includes a comprehensive archiving solution. rhenag implemented an automated email archiving system to round off the customer‘s archive.

Read the complete Success Story about the features of 3‑Heights™ Document Converter which supports the archive solution of Rheinische Energie AG.

Tour de France de la Dématérialisation
Hall Marie Curie, CNIT – Paris La Défense,
Strasbourg, France

Hans-Bernhard Rehnke GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen (IT.NRW), Germany
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Validator

First Eagle Investment Management, LLC., United States
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Extract

First West Credit Union, LLC., Canada
Products used:
PDF Form Filling and Flattening Tool

Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter