Newsletter May 2014

SECURITY is important – that’s nothing new. Every day, we experience just how difficult it is to meet the ever-changing security requirements and we ask ourselves – how secure are we really?

The virus scanner on my home PC updates remarkably often, but this doesn’t necessarily make me feel more secure. After all, with me there is more chance of destroying my data in a torrent of coffee.

But although in my case a stable mug would reduce the risk of data loss by as much as 70 %, companies face much tougher challenges in terms of data security and protection.

In the following success stories, you will find out how our products are used to protect business-critical email communication, Office documents and health data. Due to constant technical innovation, identified gaps and new standards, there is only one constant when it comes to data security: change.

And on the subject of standards: Electronic invoices are increasingly common. Large companies have been using this method of billing for some years now. But the potential in terms of time and cost savings is attracting an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises as well. Our products support the ZUGFeRD file format. Find out more in our special article on the subject “ZUGFeRD electronic invoices in PDF/A format”.

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Success story ZFV Group, Zurich, Switzerland

“We have tested numerous PDF tools and are very happy that we opted for the 3-Heights™ Document Converter. This professional solution greatly aids us in our daily operations and significantly reduces the time we spend on data transmission.”

Gérard Korda, Head of IT support, system development,
ZFV Group

The ZFV Group wanted to minimize costs, reduce the paperwork as much as possible and simplify signature processing and archiving. The 3-Heights™ Document Converter works as an autonomous agent in the network, where it monitors previously specified folders (watched folders), processes documents and distributes them to the right places.

Read the complete Success Story about automatic PDF/A archiving and digital signature at ZFV Group with the 3-Heights™ Document Converter.

Success story MEDICPROOF GmbH, Cologne, Germany

The 3-Heights™ PDF Security solution is a tremendous help in ensuring the necessary data security. A stable data interface is also essential to achieving this. The performance meets our expectations, and the flexibility of the solution sets 3-Heights™ PDF Security apart from other solutions on the market.”

Harald Wild, Project Manager,

Handling health data requires a very high level of security and encryption. MEDICPROOF therefore needed a tool that could support the secure encryption of PDF Files and be integrated into its existing application.

Even in the testing stage, 3-Heights™ PDF Security scored highly in terms of reliability, performance and conformance with security levels. The integration of components was straightforward and the tight schedule was met.

Read the complete Success Story about encryption of care reports at MEDICPROOF with the 3-Heights™ PDF Security Tool.

PDF Days Europe 2014
June 16–17, 2014,
Cologne, Germany

Our speaches:

  • "What is unique about PDF rendering? Why standard graphics libraries are not enough for PDF rendering"
    June 16, 2014 - Educational Day
  •  "Automatisierte Umwandlung von Dokumenten in PDF/A: Eine unternehmensweite, skalierbare und robuste Lösung mit Zusatznutzen"
    June 17, 2014 - Solution Day
    (Speach in German language)

Swisscom - All-in Signing Service Launch
June 12, 2014
Zurich, Switzerland 

  • Live presentation of the integration of Swisscom’s All-In Signing Service into our 3-Heights™ Document Converter with Dr. Hans Bärfuss(Speach in German language)

DIGNITA, Czech Republic
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter
3‑Heights™ PDF Validator

Oldenburgische Landesbank AG, Germany
Product used:
3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter