Newsletter May 2013

Where are you going on holiday this summer? How will you get there? Do you like to fly? Have you ever considered how many countless factors need to be taken into account to guarantee flight safety? As I passenger, I don’t spend that much time thinking about it as my imagination would probably play havoc with my mind and cause me to run a mile from any airport.

Flight staff at Deutsche Lufthansa use a mobile end device – an EFB – to help maintain safety and calmness. The device contains, among other things, an application library with various documents. The 3‑Heights™ PDF Viewer ensures that the documents in the device are accessible and readable. Quick access to important information further increases flight safety. Good to know! Ready for take-off.

Safety is also a topic for the ECM from Integra Business System – in this case, however, the 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter has nothing to do with a safe take-off, rather with supporting users through its efficient mapping fidelity.

Ever more companies are placing their trust in products from PDF Tools. We have added a new member to our team to make sure we continue to satisfy customer needs and the demands we place on ourselves. We are pleased to introduce Roy Matas to you.

We hope you have fun reading these articles and planning your holiday.

We will be pleased to be of help if you require further information on PDF Tools and its products but are unable to find it online. Please get in touch with us via pdfsales.

Success story Deutsche Lufthansa AG

More efficient mobile access to information for pilots

“We would especially like to mention the fast and competent support provided by PDF Tools AG that was available to us throughout the entire project implementation phase.”

Frank Enders, Manager IT‑Infrastructure,
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The so-called Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) in use at Lufthansa provides flight personnel with all general, personal and flight-related information on a single end device. The application on the EFB supports all of the main processes for flight preparation, execution and wrap-up.
Changing the PDF Viewer has made it possible to include additional documents from airplane manufacturers; it also provides greater access speed to existing documents. Faster access to important information has further increased flight safety.

Learn more about the success story of how Deutsche Lufthansa AG made their mobile EFB even more efficient with PDF Tools AG.

Success story Integra Business Systems, Inc.

Fast and accurate viewing of PDF Documents

“The advantageous licensing terms convinced us to implement the PDF Tools AG toolkit. The 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter worked as expected immediately, the documentation was well written and enabled us to implement the toolkit easily without the need of further support.”

Aaron Stine, SVP Development,
Integra Business Systems, Inc.

The document viewing experience is critical to the product of the ECM vendor. Customers regularly search and view PDF documents in their application.
Many of Integra’s customers are in the financial services industry. The solution is used by both customer service and back office personnel in many different departments. Numerous customers have millions of documents stored within the system that are displayed.
Users benefit from the fast and accurate display of various PDF documents that were extracted and converted to an image using the 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter.

Here is the complete story of how the 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter supports the functionality of the ECM from Integra Business System.

Test the 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter online at!

Product information on the 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter

Tour de France de la Dématérialisation
Hall Marie Curie, CNIT – Paris La Défense,
Strasbourg, France

AliasLab spa, Italy
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter

Arachne GmbH, Germany
Products used:
3‑Heights™ Document Converter

Insurity, Inc., United States
Products used:
3‑Heights™ Document Converter
3‑Heights™ PDF Printer

N2N Solution Provider Co., Ltd., Thailand
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF Viewer

Wienerberger AG, Austria
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter