Newsletter March 2014

Individualism is important in today’s society. But the long-standing trend is actually a paradox: everyone wants to be special and stand out from the crowd. They aspire to be a supermodel, a superstar, or who knows what other superlative. Many are seeking a way to become as unique as possible, and most of them are eager to share their progress with the whole world. There are certainly enough sharing platforms these days. Anything that can be shared is shared. What appears questionable to one person will be the most normal thing in the world to another.

But this sharing frenzy also increases awareness of data theft, process traceability and the growing mountain of data. Within these processes, legal gray areas are being continuously explored and discovered, the resilience of ambiguous clauses is tested, and a new legal basis is being created for the digital world. Conformance is increasingly important.

Companies within this digital world face their own challenges. One of these is the archiving of processes, such as documentation, and business-critical communication with their partners and customers. Companies need a tailored solution that not only meets legal requirements but which also integrates seamlessly into the workflow and document process – with maximum automation, ease and reliability.

The following success stories provide some examples of how companies convert emails and Office documents automatically into PDF and PDF/A formats. Use of our components within the conversion solutions has increased efficiency and drastically reduced the error rate.

Pimp my Scan Server! In other words, how to set new standards with a standard scanning solution: in most companies, scanning paper documents has become a routine task when handling incoming mail. Multifunction printers (MFP) or high-performance scanners are used for this purpose, depending on the type and volume of paper documents received.

PDF Tools AG is presenting its 3‑Heights™ Scan to PDF Server at Documation in Paris.

The solution is a central service that converts locally scanned files and associated index data into the standardized PDF/A file format. The service performs all tasks that can be delegated to it by the local scanning station because either they don’t require any user interaction or they impair the efficiency of the local scanning stations with CPU-intensive functions (OCR, compression).

To find out more, read the white paper on ‘3‑Heights™ Scan to PDF Server – Basics and Applications’.

To request additional information or a trial license, please contact our sales team at pdfsales.

Success story CBP, Saint-Herblain, France

"We rely on a competent partner and the support team is available, competent and finds solutions to our issues. We are fully satisfied with the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter."

Jérôme Bordier, Responsable Production,
Direction des Systèmes d'Information, CBP

CBP drives an insurance business and emails are used for business critical communication with their partners and consumers. But email conversion requires constant evolutions as the technology is changing permanently. CBPs custom system reached some limits.

Read the complete Success Story about Secure and stable email-conversion at CBP with the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter.

Success story Ecclesia Holding GmbH, Detmold, Germany

"In comparison to the previous server solution, this faster tool has enabled us to reduce our costs in the long term while maintaining the same level of quality."

Dirk Borsetzky, Deputy Head of IT,
Ecclesia Holding GmbH

Ecclesia now has a high-quality and efficient conversion program in the form of the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter. For the IT department, the effort involved in manually correcting errors - necessary in the background with the previous solution - has fallen by 75 % per day thanks to this stable and simple solution.

Read the complete Success Story about Optimization of central PDF conversion at Ecclesia Holding GmbH with the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter.

Salon Documation
26.–27.03.2014, CNIT Paris la Défense,
Paris, France

Visit our speach:

  • « Conversion de documents scannés en format PDF/A : une solution à l’échelle de l’entreprise »
    March 27, 2014 / 10h30-11h15 

PDF Days Europe 2014
June 16–17, 2014,
Cologne, Germany

Our speaches:

  • "What is unique about PDF rendering? Why standard graphics libraries are not enough for PDF rendering"
    June 16, 2014 - Educational Day
  • Automatisierte Umwandlung von Dokumenten in PDF/A: Eine unternehmensweite, skalierbare und robuste Lösung mit Zusatznutzen"
    June 17, 2014 - Solution Day
    (Speach in German language)

eServices, Federal Court of Australia, Australia
Products used:
3‑Heights™ Document Converter

Innovative Geo-Tech Resource, United States
Products used:
3‑Heights™ Image to PDF Converter

Transport Bourret Inc., Canada
Products used:
PDF Batch Stamp Tool