Newsletter July 2016

The coffee kitchen in our building is a meeting point for all staff at PDF Tools AG. The discussions between the development department and the ‘non-techies’ in particular are often a source of amusement. Such as when they come up with new uses for the coffee maker, mentally revamping it into the ultimate supermachine. The feasibility and the required resources are also discussed, of course, and these discussions open up whole new worlds!

For example, the logical and systematic thinking developer might raise their eyebrows in surprise when the creatively chaotic marketing corner puts forward a multitude of morphological possibilities that any engineer would be proud of. These coffee and brainstorming sessions also attract our sales staff, who aren’t short of suggestions, either. There’s lots of laughter, with new ideas evolving and others dismissed. You can almost see the synapses firing as their brains go into overdrive – everyone just waiting to voice their own ideas and arguments.

Keep it small and simple – but not simpler. We leave the ‘innovation HQ’ with a smile and a cup of coffee in our hands. The interdisciplinary team can enjoy a break. As much as members of our team differ, they are, of course, compatible to a certain degree. But it is precisely their differences that spark new ideas and visions.

This was the case for Final Release 4.7. Numerous improvements to existing products have been incorporated into this latest version – including to the interfaces, with the aim of making our products easier and more intuitive to use. The main ones are:

  • The Enterprise Edition of the 3-Heights™ Document Converter has been given two important enhancements: The installation and configuration has been improved and simplified, bringing it more into line with the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition.
  • For the 3-Heights™ PDF Printer, an online service can now accept and execute print jobs.

Changes have also been made to the interfaces for the first time in release 4.7. We have been making numerous enhancements and improvements to our products for many years. However, in order to ensure backward compatibility, we have avoided changes at the interfaces. With this release, we have for the first time made changes to ensure our products can be used more easily and intuitively. The changes have been designed in such a way that only minor adaptations to the program code or command lines are required during an update to the new version. In order that the adaptations have to be made only once, we have released all changes at the same time from Version

Details of all changes and improvements can be found in Release Notes 4.7. We hope you enjoy reading them (perhaps with a cup of coffee!) and have a great summer.

Your PDF Tools AG - team

We will be pleased to be of help if you require further information on PDF Tools and its products please get in touch with us via E-Mail or the online contact form.

Success story "Audit-conform archiving" at KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG

Christian Schollenberger, Leiter Informatik KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG

“Thanks to the components provided by PDF Tools AG and QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG, we were able to structure the audit-conform electronic archiving process so that it was highly efficient and manageable. We were therefore able to cut down significantly on the manual work involved. ”

Christian Schollenberger, Head of IT, KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG

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Product detail 3-Heights™ Scan to PDF Server

White paper 3-Heights™ Scan to PDF Server Basics and Applications

IT & Business
October 4, 2016 - October 6, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany

Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

More 2 Life Ltd, United Kingdom
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Printer

NCEES, United States
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Optimizer

Murphy's Law - from capturing to archiving

Companies have to strike a balance between profitability, feasibility and meeting legal requirements. A long-term digital archive, in which all information about the company and its activities is recorded, can form part of the solution. An archive with reliable tools and structures makes it possible to create case-specific files automatically.

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