Newsletter July 2014

The World Cup may be over, but our ‘goalkeeper’ is continuing to work hard to make sure that our customers do not score any ‘own goals’. The PDF Validator ensures that all documents stored in the archive are PDF/A-conform. And that’s without the offside rule or any other complications. Read how the 3­-Heights™ Validator assists thousands of architects and construction planners throughout Switzerland with the long-term archiving of documents.

It may not be entirely unrelated to reference the seamless transition from one football game to the next in Brazil. After all, our PDF components are the key to converting large quantities of drawings and MS office documents. Read how the automated creation of PDFs by a batch process has made manual processes redundant.

At the last PDF Days conference in Cologne, experts and interested parties came together to share experiences and knowledge over the course of two days. Dr Hans Bärfuss gave a presentation on PDF rendering. It’s a reality check to see what today’s rendering engines can do, where the major differences can be found, and how developing such components result in more challenges, as expected. Watch the video and find out more about PDF rendering.

As other nations set about stowing away their flags, the Swiss colors are about to be unfurled once again. We’ll be celebrating our country’s national holiday on 1 August. Preparations have been underway for days now: wood has been stockpiled high up in the mountains for the Alpine fires (Höhenfeuer), fireworks displays have been planned, and the Swiss flag – which did not fly for long during the World Cup – is ready to take another lap of honor around the country.

Happy reading and have a great summer!

Success Story AG, Stans, Switzerland

“The 3-Heights™ PDF Validator could be integrated easily into our existing software solution.”

Joe Helfenstein, Head of Software Development, AG

With the plan-box construction project room web application, plans, documents and protocols for various construction projects are processed, and electronically archived after project completion. These documents are checked by ‘goalkeeper’ software for PDF/A conformance before delivery to the archive.

Read the full story of how the 3-Heights™ PDF Validator ensures quality assurance for PDF/A documents in plan-box.

Success Story SSL, Palo Alto, United States

“After searching and evaluating several PDF automation tools, we selected products of PDF Tools AG to be the tools of choice with our new PLM Teamcenter development and rollout. The simple to use, very robust, and highly accurate PDF generation tools simplified processes and removed manual efforts, now fully integrated into our workflow.”

Sassan Khoubyari, IT Director,

With the integration of the PDF tools products, the manual process has now been replaced by an automated batch process, which operates in the background unnoticed by the user.

Read the full story on automated PDF creation in SSL with the components 
PDF Batch Stamp Tool, 3-Heights™ Image to PDF Converter and 3-Heights™ PDF Extract.

October 8–10, 2014
Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Retail LockBox, United States
Product used:
3-Heights™ Document Converter

Immaterial GmbH, Switzerland
Product used:
3-Heights™ PDF Optimization

The PDF – we can’t do without it. Document formats, ISO standards, long-term archiving
Not all document formats have managed to become a standard and nowhere near enough deliver what they promise. So what can or should we expect from a format? What are the most important quality characteristics of a format and how can we find out whether a format is ‘good’?

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