Newsletter January 2016

The annual year-end rally in our development department was typically action-packed. The offices were a real hive of activity, with minds and computers in overdrive. The final event of the year gave all staff the chance to take some time out from their usual routine: instead of developing components and solutions, they baked together.

The rolling pin replaced the keyboard, the cookie cutter traded places with the rendering engine – and instead of a conform PDF/A document for long-term archiving, the output took the form of a warm and delicious-smelling solid matter: Christmas cookies.

The ‘Guetsli’, as cookies are called here in Switzerland, came in various formats, in optimized bite sizes and fully compatible with our tastebuds. As expected, these sweet Christmas treats didn’t last very long, as the various flavors offered something for everyone. The year was brought to a close with everyone well-fed and in good spirits.

We enjoyed the Christmas festivities, saw in the new year and made our resolutions. Now it’s back to work again in 2016. Because we love traditions, we’re pleased to present Release 4.6 and two new products at our traditional Final Release time.

  • The 3-Heights™ PDF Toolbox API is a programming library designed specifically for editing and adding new content to existing PDF files. The Tool Box, which is based on the modern 3-Heights™ Kernel, is essentially a redeveloped version of the familiar PDF Prep Tool Suite.

  • The 3-Heights™ Scan to PDF Server is a central service that allows the user to convert scanned documents into PDF/A format. It performs tasks such as OCR and barcode recognition, image data compression, digital signatures and more – in better quality and more efficiently than a local scanning station.

Release 4.6 includes numerous improvements to the existing products. The most important are:

  • The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition of the 3-Heights™ Document Converter has been given a thorough overhaul on the basis of feedback from customers. The new edition of the product is much easier to install and configure, and can also be run on a client operating system. And the range of functions has been tailored to the requirements of this target audience.

  • The 3-Heights™ PDF Optimizer has been equipped with two new tools designed specifically to optimize fonts and colors on large print jobs.

  • In the form of the 3-Heights™ Document Viewer R2, a new generation of viewer has been developed on the basis of the new R2 rendering engine.

Read the Release Notes 4.6 for more information about the enhancements and new products.


We wish you pleasant and enjoyable reading!
Your PDF Tools AG - team


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By the way: Find out more on the topic of repair and optimization of PDF documents, in the recording of our presentation at the PDF Technical Days 2015 in San José.

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