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PDF functionality for individual and automated bulk processing

From capturing to archiving, digitalization is moving forward. Automation is increasing, along with volumes of data and demands on processes and software. We offer you expert tools for the PDF functionalities in your document process, quickly and efficiently integrated into an existing environment.

The architecture of our 3-Heights™ components and solutions is specifically designed to handle large volumes quickly and reliably. This provides you with high quality PDF & PDF/A-conform documents for further processing or digital long-term archiving.

Advanced PDF expert tools made by developer for developer

PDF tools created by developers for developers!

Are you in need of powerful PDF features?
In the form of an API, shell, service or other solution? Our range of solutions supports the entire document process in the area of PDF and PDF/A. From entry into the process landscape as a scanned or “digital born” document, all the way through to legally conform storage in the long-term archive.

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You can download any product manual at any time without having to register or purchase anything. We’ve also prepared numerous programing examples for our PDF tools for you.

Read our PDF experts blog about challenges and developments in the world of PDF and PDF/A. You can also find plenty of free information about the PDF standard in the Know-how section – just don't forget the copyright.

If you’re not a developer but would still like to find out more...
We’ve prepared some technical articles and success stories for you on the topic of digital archiving. The product pages also, of course, provide information about how the products can be used and their advantages.

For every listed product there are free and fully functional evaluation licenses available.
You get 30 days to put them through their paces and test them under your operating conditions.

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Ulrich Altorfer, Head of Sales & Consultant - PDF Tools AG

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PDF Quality Gate in the digital age - compliant documents for your processes & long-term archive

safeguards the quality of
your documents from
capturing to archiving

PDF Optimization - reduce your files to the max, compress and clean-up your PDF files

bids for bytes?
Reduce your documents
to the max!

PDF Rendering 2.0 - next generation graphic engine for the complex and unique graphics model of PDF

stay informed about the
next generation of
PDF 2.0 rendering

ZUGFeRD - PDF/A & XML - the standard for electronic invoices, x-factures

stay informed about the
special format for
electronic invoices

Blog posts concerning PDF & PDF/A

Visit our PDF expert blog

PDF Expert blog - the caveats of assembling PDF/A documents

The caveats of assembling PDF/A documents

Assembling PDF documents from various sources is a crucial part of an output management system. And, as the document needs to be archived in most cases, it should conform to the PDF/A standard. Is there a way to assemble a document and accomplish PDF/A conformance in one step?

PDF Expert Blog - Convert invoice documents to the ZUGFeRD data format

Converting invoice documents to the ZUGFeRD data format

XML or PDF? That's one of the most heard questions when it comes to invoice document formats. XML is the preferred format for machines whereas PDF is the format for humans. But why not have the cake and eat it? With ZUGFeRD you can have both documents in one file.

PDF Expert Blog - Automated conversion of Microsoft Office Documents to PDF/A

Automating the conversion of Microsoft Office Documents to PDF/A

A central service to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF or PDF/A has obvious advantages. The conversion is done on an enterprise wide platform with well defined software versions and conversion process configurations...