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The statement that a company is only as good as its employees holds true for PDF Tools AG. Most of the members in the PDF Tools AG team have been dealing with PDF technology for years or even decades, in development and support. Experienced sales and marketing specialists handle contacts with customers and partners and provide customer care.

PDF Tools AG
Kasernenstrasse 1
8184 Bachenbülach

Phone +41 43 411 44 51
Fax +41 43 411 44 55

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Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 16:00 
CET (UTC +2)


Dr. Hans Bärfuss, Founder & CEO
Dr. Hans Bärfuss Founder & CEO
Christoph Burkhalter, Chief Technology Officer
Christoph Burkhalter Chief Technology Officer
Philip Renggli, Chief Commercial Officer
Philip Renggli Chief Commercial Officer


Ulrich Altorfer, Head of Sales & Consultant - PDF Tools AG
Ulrich Altorfer Head of Sales
Arianna Battagliese, Sales & Marketing Assistant
Arianna Battagliese Sales & Marketing Assistant
Ilja Thomas Gull, Partner Manager
Ilja Thomas Gull Partner Manager

Support, Projects

Jolanda Aschwanden, Customer Care
Jolanda Aschwanden Customer Care
Dr. Hans-Rudolf Aschmann, Integration & Projects
Dr. Hans-Rudolf Aschmann Integration & Projects

Marketing, Product Management

Nadine Schuppisser, Marketing & Communication Manager
Nadine Schuppisser Marketing & Communication Manager
Ursina De Nando, Product Manager
Ursina De Nando Product Manager