SAP Folders Management extended by new functionality of 3-Heights® Document Converter

High-quality PDF formats are of central importance in digital document management and especially in digital file management. The 3-Heights® Document Converter offers document conversion into high-quality PDF/A formats from the SAP process. Together, joinApps AG and PDF Tools AG are delivering document conversion to SAP. PDF Tools AG is focused on standard-compliant document processing in PDF/A and PDF formats while joinApps AG integrates products from PDF Tools AG into SAP.

One of the benefits of the PDF and PDF/A software from PDF Tools AG is the simple, seamless integration into existing environments – in this case, SAP.

The 3-Heights® Document Converter offers a centralized platform for document conversion. joinApps AG implements the integration into SAP Folders Management.

Like PDF Tools AG products, SAP is designed for businesses and is capable of processing large data volumes. Connecting these two realms by way of a web-based service opens up a whole range of possible applications well beyond SAP Folders Management.

The 3-Heights® Document Converter offers a web service that can be easily connected with SAP to allow integration in SAP Folder Management.

The high processing speed and stability, as well as the excellent scalability of the 3-Heights® Document Converter support synchronous use in the process and, in turn, much simpler integration compared to asynchronous processing.

The converted files are of high quality regardless of the source material. On the SAP side, document processing is handled in a single step and is highly configurable.

Additional benefits in SAP Folders Management

  • Documents are converted in compliance with requirements for long-term digital archivin

  • User-friendly automatic conversion in SAP Folders Management

  • Reduction/unification of wide range of formats through conversion to PDF and PDF/A formats

  • Simplified document sharing thanks to standardized format and files that are optimized for their respective purpose

  • Email archiving, including attachments

  • Compliance with standards (ISO) and security regulations

  • Central processing of documents (e.g. conversion portal)

Specific use cases implemented by joinApps AG in SAP Document Management

  • HR records: When the user drags and drops Office documents and emails (including attachments) into an HR record, the conversion process is started immediately.

  • eRecruitement: Compiling application portfolios from the applicant master data sheet and uploaded documents (certificates, academic degrees) in a consistent structure, with navigation and page numbering.

  • Product development: Status-based compiling and bundling of change descriptions in Office format to create comprehensive development documentation as well as automatically generated release documentation.

  • Insurance applications: Secured customer communications through automatic conversion of outgoing contracts and documents.

  • Healthcare: Redacted passages in confidential documents are guaranteed to stay redacted.

The Document Converter’s speed and ease of use mean that the archiving of electronic documents is achieving widespread acceptance, ensuring the completeness of electronic dossiers.

The PDF/A standard also guarantees the legibility of these documents, as well as conformity in long-term archives.

3-Heights® Document Converter specifications

  • High-quality document conversion; in particular, compliance with ISO standards and image fidelity

  • Robust, minimal-intervention operation

  • High throughput

  • Scalability

  • Interfaces for application integration

  • Expandability for other file formats and extra features

Other options for using the combination of SAP & PDF Tools software

Integrate the 3-Heights® Document Converter into SAP and use it as a tool to:

  • Convert Office documents created in SAP to PDF

  • Convert documents stored in SAP DVS into neutral formats (status-driven)

  • Prepare structured, indexed file documentation in PDF/A format for customers

  • Convert job applicant documents uploaded in SAP eRec into applicant portfolios

  • Enrich output documents with authenticity and integrity

  • Set and meet standards for archiving with PDF/A

  • Merge, stamp, and sign certificates from various SAP process steps

  • Automatically convert emails and attachments to PDF/A and archive them in the SAP Folders Management environment

Interested in hearing more?

Learn more about how Pdftools can help with your SAP solution.

Partnership joinApps with PDF Tools AG

joinApps AG has been using software from PDF Tools AG in its own products and customer projects for many years, an ideal way to tap into the synergies between SAP and the 3-Heights® software from PDF Tools AG. The partnership between the two companies has stood the test of time, and joinApps AG is one of PDF Tools AG’s valued integration partners.

About joinApps AG

joinApps AG has been specializing in document processes in SAP and related systems for 14 years. The focus is on efficient integration as well as the simple use of documents in SAP business processes. joinApps AG allows client companies to get the most out of the SAP Document Management system.

In addition, joinApps AG develops products that support document processing and create an interface from SAP to other related systems. joinApps AG has many years of experience in creating dynamic document processes in production, administration and service functions, providing the company with a wide-reaching perspective and the ability to design targeted document processes in SAP.

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