Maintenance and support

We offer a range of services in addition to our mature products. We can fall back on broad experience in the field of technology and with regard to business administration issues. Over the years we have created customized solutions for many customers that we have used in part to further develop our standard products. It is therefore always worthwhile contacting us to clarify how we can help you with whatever challenge you face in handling PDF and PDF/A issues.

The important bits in brief

PDF Tools AG will remain at your disposal to help with words and deeds after your purchase. Many customers consider our support to be outstanding. Our maintenance services are above average. And they are based on conditions as yet unparalleled in the sector.

All licenses are valid with no time limits. After you have made your purchase you will receive new versions and personal support via email for a period of 30 days. To keep on receiving these services after the 30-day period you will need a contract for maintenance and support. You should acquire the contract when you purchase your products.

What is included in maintenance and support?

You will benefit from the following services when you conclude a contract for maintenance and support:

  • New product versions: with a maintenance contract you will automatically receive a new product version once or twice per year. This will ensure the product you have chosen remains up‑to-date. You will benefit from bugfixes and new functions. Making use of the services included in the maintenance contract is cheaper and more efficient in comparison to buying a (new) version.

  • Technical support: in the event a product does not work in the way described in the documentation or if a technical problem occurs, our technical support will analyze and rectify the problem. You will automatically receive a new version if the product is defective. New patch versions are made available to you in your personal download area as and when they are produced. In all other cases you will receive advice and information on further proceedings from our technical support. (see: “What should I do if I have a problem with a product?”).

How much does maintenance and support cost?

The cost of the annual contract for maintenance and support equates to 20 % of the license fee. A minimum charge of 100 Euros applies to small quantities of licenses with annual maintenance costs of less than 100 Euros to compensate for collection charges.

How long is maintenance and support valid?

Maintenance is available to you free of charge for 30 days when you buy a product from PDF Tools AG. You also have the option of concluding an annual maintenance contract for each product, which you can extend for each following year. Once the maintenance contract expires your personal download area will be deactivated and your entitlement to technical support and new product versions will expire.

What is not included in maintenance and support?

The contract does not include support for cases that do not involve a product error or for cases requiring programming support. Our technical support will be pleased to assist you in these cases if you wish to make use of these services. However, charges will apply.

What other conditions apply to maintenance and support?

A separate charge will apply to every service that is not covered by the regular contract for maintenance and support. For instance, a separate charge will apply for support during programming activities or other cases of support that are not due to a product error. The amount of the charge depends on the expense incurred. Our sales team will be pleased to prepare a customized quote if you wish to clarify the costs.

The most common cases of support in the field of “additional support” are:

  • Support during debugging

  • Sample codes that are as yet unavailable on this webpage.

What should I do if I experience a problem with a product of PDF Tools AG?

The following steps are available to you should you experience a problem with one of our products:

  • Consult our Support Page and see if a new version of the product has already solved the problem. To do so, use the most recent version available in your download area or run tests with an evaluation version.

  • If you are unable to find a solution please use the support form (just for registred user) to send us an enquiry describing the problem in as much detail as possible.

  • You can also submit your enquiry and description by email to pdfsupport. Adding a test case including PDF files and program codes or command line syntax will help our technical support team to analyze (and rectify) the problem.

  • A problem caused by a product error will be rectified immediately and a new patch version of the product made available to you in your personal download area (this service is tied to the maintenance contract).

  • If the problem is not due to a product error we will discuss with you how to proceed – that could include, among other things, a suggestion for a jointly developed solution and an estimation of the anticipated expense.

What conditions apply if a contract for maintenance and support was not purchased?

The following conditions apply if you have purchased a product from PDF Tools AG without a contract for maintenance and support (does not apply to SaaS licences):

  • Lifetime: the product version you have purchased is valid indefinitely.

  • New versions within the first 30 days: during the first 30 days you will receive automatically and free of charge every new product version released during this time period

  • New versions released after the first 30 days: all new versions released after the first 30 days from the date of purchase must be purchased as new products and paid for in full

  • Technical support: technical support will be available to you for the first 30 days after the purchase of the product (see “What is included in Maintenance & Support?”).

The legal requirements of Swiss law concerning claims under warranty will be met in full.

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