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Ressources vidéo autour PDF et PDF/A

Discours de nos clients, partenaires et experts sur des études de modèle et les questions techniques

Recommandation pour la préparation de données cross-média

  • Intervenant: Peter Jäger (pre2media)
  • Langue: Allemand / Anglais

Functioning ICC-based color management has been at our disposal for many years. However, discussions with graphics professionals, as well as document creators, have shown that it is too complicated, both in software itself and from a user perspective. An additional problem is that the output target isn't always known in advance. Hence the question as to how data can be prepared for cross-media workflows.

REST API for cloud-based PDF processing

  • Intervenant: Marco Grossi (iLovePDF), Christoph Burkhalter
  • Événement: PDF Days Europe 2017
  • Langue: Anglais

Experiences about building and maintaining a Webservice and it's integration into a mobile application.

PDF and PDF/A Optimization

  • Intervenant: Christoph Reller
  • Événement: PDF Days Europe 2016
  • Langue: Anglais

More than just reducing the file size

The challenges of PDF to PDF/A conversion

  • Intervenant: Sebastian Ryffel
  • Événement: PDF Days Europe 2015
  • Langue: Anglais

Lessons learned after a decade of converting real-world PDF documents to PDF/A.

What is unique about PDF Rendering

  • Intervenant: Dr. Hans Bärfuss
  • Événement: PDF Days Europe 2014
  • Langue: Anglais

PDF has its unique 2D graphics paradigm. What is special about PDF rendering? Why can't I use standard graphics libraries to build a PDF rendering engine?

PDF/A bei der „Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung a.G."

  • Intervenants: Steffen Bieker (Alte Leipziger), Ulrich Altorfer
  • Événement: PDF Days Europe 2015
  • Langue: Allemand

Konvertierung von Dokumenten aus diversen Eingangskanälen ins Langzeitarchiv.

Automatisierte Umwandlung von Dokumenten in PDF/A

  • Intervenant: Ulrich Altorfer
  • Événement: PDF Days Europe 2014
  • Langue: Allemand

Eine unternehmensweite, skalierbare und robuste Lösung mit Zusatznutzen.