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Convert PDF document to PDF/A and do a post-validation

Define which conversion should yield a conversion error, e.g. removing an action or converting a signed document. Then convert a PDF document to PDF/A and create a log file with a detailed description of the pre-analysis and post-validation. Throw a conversion error according to the previously defined rules.

Convert PDF document to PDF/A

Convert a PDF document to a specific PDF/A compliance level such as PDF/A-2u. Allow for automatic downgrade, e.g. to PDF/A-2b, if the input file cannot be converted otherwise.


Create a ZUGFeRD invoice

Convert a PDF document to PDF/A-3 and embed conforming XML data to create a ZUGFeRD compliant invoice.


Convert PDF document to PDF/A and add a signature

Prepare PDF documents for long-term archiving. For that purpose, convert a PDF to an electronically signed PDF/A document. The signature is created using a certificate that contains a private key. Use the Windows Cryptographic Provider to access the certificate via its common name (CN) and to get necessary cryptographic algorithms.

In Memory

Convert PDF document to PDF/A in memory

Read a PDF from a byte stream and convert it to PDF/A as byte stream. For demonstration purpose, the PDF byte stream is created from file and the PDF/A byte stream is written back to a file.