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Print multiple documents in one print job

Print pages from different documents (PDF, TIFF) in a single print job to a specified printer.

Print multiple jobs on same printer

Break large PDF or TIFF documents into individual print jobs. Link the print jobs to define the sequential order.

Print same document on multiple printers

Print the same PDF document to different printers. Optionally, specify the pages to be printed on one printer. Otherwise the first page is printed on one printer and the remaining pages on another printer.

Print a PDF document

Print all or selected pages of a PDF or TIFF document to a specified printer.

Print to file

Save the spool file instead of sending it to a printer. Create PostScript, PCL or other files, depending on the used printer driver.

Features and Configuration

List printers and their properties

A list of all available printers from localhost is written to a text file. For the listed printers get information about available duplex modes, bins, number of paper sizes, number of supported media types of a printer etc.

Customize Printing

Print document using the specified duplex mode

Print a PDF document and optionally choose between simplex, vertical or horizontal duplex mode. Otherwise, the printer’s default duplex mode is used.

Print a PDF document using a device mode file

Apply printer specific custom features, such as custom stapling, by means of device mode file. To create a device mode file, see sample "PdfPrinterSaveDevMode".

Customize the device mode

Set printer specific custom features, such as custom stapling, using the printer driver’s GUI for properties and save the settings in a device mode file. Load it for print job requiring these settings (see sample "PdfPrinterLoadDevMode").

Print PDF with watermarks

Add a watermark to every other page of a PDF or TIFF document‘s print job. Design the custom watermark text and modify its position, format and appearance.