Seamless Integration of the Conversion Service

The Pdftools Conversion Service has a standard API that returns processed documents via the same channel. For better customization, the Conversion Service also offers different input and output channels. These can be configured individually, ensuring seamless integration into the existing application landscape because the result can be sent directly to the next system.

Multiple input channels can be bundled through flexible configuration so that documents enter the system via a different channel depending on the application. Multiple output channels make it easy to distribute the results, for example, if they need to be stored in the archive as well as sent to an end customer. Output channels can also be controlled depending on the job status. The status of the processed job is checked, and a distinction is made between jobs that were successful (Success), jobs for which a warning occurred during processing (Warning) and jobs that could not be processed (Error).

Input channels

  • REST Interface, a simple API to submit a new job with a call. You can choose between Plain HTTP and JSON as format and if the result is delivered right away or not.

  • Monitored directory: All documents that are stored in a configured folder are automatically processed.

  • From the beginning of 2022, monitored e-mail directories (IMAP) will also be available.

Output channels

  • A REST callback can be configured so that the result is sent to an existing service.

  • A command, which is called via the standard console, allows a flexible extension using existing applications or scripts.

  • The result is stored in a file folder.

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