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Research entire volumes of publications with ease and efficiency

Exigences de l'application

Regional British newspaper "The Maidenhead Advertiser" wanted to set up an online archive of current and previous publications. The most important objective was to replace the old system that had become cumbersome and out of date.  The new solution had to cover two areas. On the one hand it should provide a research system for use by internal editors, and on the other an archive where the customers of the "Maidenhead Advertiser" could view previous publications. Simple, user-friendly operation for employees and secure archiving with as little effort as possible were central requirements that the solution had to fulfill. GoArchive can access texts within PDF documents without damaging their integrity thanks to 3-Heights® PDF Extract API. This enables GoArchive to present search results in clearly arranged read format.

Avantages pour le client

GoArchive now enables the editors working for Oppolis customers to research archives quickly and easily to search, find and import PDF documents. Furthermore, the program guarantees the PDF documents stored in the regional newspaper's archive are available to external users, despite the publication archive's large volume.


Oppolis decided in favor of the 3-Heights® PDF Extract API after extensively testing various products. Integrating the solution provided by PDF Tools AG in the development environment was effortless; the product fits seamlessly into the GoArchive product with no need for any further installation steps.
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Témoignage du client

« We are extremely impressed by the technology of PDF Tools AG. And by how simple it was to integrate in our products. PDF Tools AG also provides an excellent customer care service. »

Thomas Flynn,
Sales Director, Oppolis Software Ltd

Profil de l‘entreprise Oppolis Software Ltd

Oppolis is based in Great Britain where it develops software products for an international customer base. Oppolis specializes in developing content publishing software for publishers, development service providers and for designers and consultants. GoArchive is a solution for web-based PDF document archiving. The program converts high-resolution data in PDF format automatically and directly into a web-optimized version.