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Encryption of care reports at MEDICPROOF with 3‑Heights® PDF Security component

Exigences de l'application

Almost 1,000 freelance assessors ensure that MEDICPROOF creates more than 130,000 care reports each year for private insurance companies. MEDICPROOF staff at the head office in Cologne help these companies to solve problems during the assessment and provide them with advice on issues relating to medicine and care. The reports are created using the Windows-based application ProofForms, developed by MEDICPROOF itself.

Handling health data requires a very high level of security and encryption. MEDICPROOF therefore needed a tool that could support the secure encryption of PDF files and be integrated into its existing application. The aim was to ensure that sensitive documents are not saved in unencrypted form on hard drives. In addition to a broad range of functions and simple integration, the 3-Heights® PDF Security components offer the additional advantage of being able to encrypt PDFs in the working memory without interim storage and then save them to the hard drive. This ensures that no unencrypted data is ever located on the hard drive.

The function and performance tests with the 3-Heights® PDF Security tool during the evaluation period were very promising. Alternative products were also evaluated by the company, but these proved either not reliable enough or were not able to process PDF documents with the required level of security. They were also very inflexible.

Avantages pour le client

By using the 3-Heights® PDF Security components to sign its PDF documents securely, ­MEDICPROOF benefits from a flexible tool. Overall, the 3-Heights® PDF Security tool has spared MEDICPROOF the major effort of implementing its own system and it was easily integrated via the simple interfaces. The company’s own report generation software ProofForms works perfectly with 3-Heights® PDF Security and has been running smoothly for months.


The 3-Heights® PDF Security components were integrated easily via the existing .NET interface. The documents are signed in Windows in the form of a certificate.
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Témoignage du client

« The easy .NET interface, which encapsulates the signature functions, deserves a special mention. It allowed the required signature functionality to be achieved in the application with minimal footprint. The tight schedule during implementation presented an additional challenge, but we were able to overcome this thanks to the highly dedicated support team at PDF Tools AG. The complete system has been live for several months now. The signature interface has proved to be stable and reliable. All our expectations were met, not least due to the straightforward support provided by PDF Tools AG. »

Wolfgang Wagner,
Project Manager, S+R Data-Service GmbH

« The 3-Heights® PDF Security solution is a tremendous help in ensuring the necessary data security. A stable data interface is also essential to achieving this. The performance meets our expectations, and the flexibility of the solution sets 3-Heights® PDF Security apart from other solutions on the market. »

Harald Wild,
Project Manager, MEDICPROOF GmbH

Profil de l‘entreprise MEDICPROOF GmbH

As a subsidiary of the PKV association of private health insurers, MEDICPROOF GmbH assesses compliance with eligibility criteria in the area of private compulsory health insurance. In most cases, it assesses whether an applicant has a need for care and, if so, which care level they should be assigned to. The task of MEDICPROOF is to ensure a standardized, national assessment for the different types of insurance. MEDICPROOF thereby primarily acts as a neutral service provider for all private health insurers, coordinating and ensuring the quality of assessments. More than 70 staff work at MEDICPROOF’s head office in Cologne.

Profil de l‘entreprise S+R Data-Service GmbH

S+R Data Service GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, was founded in 1977 and is a recognized and experienced software house offering a wide range of services. In the areas of IT services, specialized applications, integration solutions and process consulting, S+R offers all relevant services from a single source. These range from consulting, application development and implementation to infrastructure provision and operation services. S+R’s main strengths are its high quality standards, reliability, customer focus and flexibility as well as service friendliness and lifetime support.