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Automated printer management for PDF documents in new sales software

Exigences de l'application

Previously at IREKS GmbH, the processing of orders from acquisition through to invoicing was accomplished using the internal IT department’s RPG applications. All documents, for example delivery notices and invoices were created and printed using IBM System-i. For the future, the existing applications should be replaced by a new user-friendly and Window-based sales software solution. To achieve this, new requirements were placed on the IT department. This included automatically printing the PDF documents created in the system onto different template forms.

In addition, the application had to consolidate the file name, printer name, paper tray, format and total number of copies, and transfer them to the respective printer as a print job. In case of error, a meaningful message had to be returned. The responsible developers needed a software tool that could manage all of these requirements, and decided on the 3-Heights® PDF Printer from PDF Tools AG.

Avantages pour le client

By using the 3-Heights® PDF Printer, IREKS GmbH has implemented a software tool with multiple functions (e.g. printing of watermarks, setting the paper format) that also supports the management and control of output trays.

This enables the RGSoft application to automatically print out the PDF documents it creates on the respective template forms.

Order confirmations and invoices are printed on different forms in different trays on the same printer. Creating a modern document layout is also now possible.

Users from administration, production and internal sales through to the external sales force profit from being able to print PDF documents flexibly from their workplace, without having to first ensure that the correct forms are inserted in the proper printer tray.


The 3-Heights® PDF Printer is called out through a shell command that is integrated in the new RGSoft sales software. RGSoft is a Delphi application that accesses the System-i database via ODBC. The installation and distribution of the printer software on the client PCs and Citrix was easily accomplished.

Témoignage du client

« The reliability and quality of the 3-Heights® PDF Printer was convincing. During development, as well as afterwards when the product was put into productive use, we could count on the PDF Tools AG’s professional services at all times.  »

Kathrin Hoffmann,
Application Developer, IREKS GmbH

Profil de l‘entreprise IREKS GmbH

IREKS GmbH, founded in 1856, is a world-leading manufacturer of baking ingredients and brewing malt. More than 2,300 employees work in the corporation. The company’s product portfolio encompasses a wide variety of baking ingredients and mixes, malt extracts and dried sour pastry. Their solutions are sold through an international sales force comprised of over 400 knowledgeable baking and pastry masters. Soft ice cream and agricultural trade are further business areas.