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Integrating the 3-Heights® PDF Viewer in the Rapidocs® solution

Exigences de l'application

Epoq's objective was the direct integration of a high-quality PDF viewer in Rapidocs®. A number of disadvantages spoke against utilizing Adobe Acrobat Reader: firstly, Adobe Acrobat Reader is slow to load; secondly, its resource consumption rate is high due to its size; thirdly, it cannot be integrated directly in an application; and, fourthly, its interface does not provide sufficient control options. Epoq was looking for an integrable solution that had none of these disadvantages but was nonetheless cost-effective.

Avantages pour le client

The benefit of the integration lies both in the extension of the user interface it has achieved and in the expansion of PDF functions in Rapidocs®. Of even greater importance to Epoq was, however, the criterion of independence with regard to version changes of Adobe Reader. The integrated solution of 3-Heights® PDF Viewer has maintained Epoq's independence.


By integrating the 3-Heights® PDF Viewer Pro in close cooperation with PDF Tools AG, the Epoq Group was able to implement a solution that guarantees its clients reliable, integrated and fast access to legal services and products.
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Témoignage du client

« We are very satisfied with products from PDF Tools AG. And we appreciated the openness towards our needs and wants very much. We are pleased to recommend the company to others – because it develops professional, high-quality PDF applications and because it treated us with a great deal of comprehensive customer care. »

Grahame Cohen,
Joint CEO (Chairman), Epoq Group Ltd

Profil de l‘entreprise Epoq Group Ltd

The Epoq Group Ltd. is an award-winning service provider in the legal sector founded in 1994. Its offering consists of more than 500 different products such as standardized wills, work contracts and divorce documents. The company has more than one million customers around the world. Every legal solution is based on the main product: Rapidocs® software consists of automation technology that enables the production, publication and distribution of complex, intelligent documents via Intranet, Callcenter or CD-ROM.