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Integration of highly complex PDF documents without format discontinuity

Exigences de l'application

It is commonly the case, especially when printing forms, that empty PDF form files are provided by the recipient. Being able to automatically fill the forms with data and print them out was a recurring requirement demanded from the combit products. A flexible solution was therefore needed for List & Label to integrate highly complex PDF content containing international character sets. PDF Tools AG was already known to combit for many years as a competent service provider in the PDF world. Not lastly their flexible response to sometimes extensive wishes and requirements, as well as their personal assistance, convinced combit to select the 3-Heights® PDF to EMF Converter.

Avantages pour le client

Customers of List & Label are predominantly software developers who integrate the reporting tool into their own applications. The List & Label Designer is then handed over to the end customer as part of their respective solution. Worldwide there are millions of satisfied end users.


The 3-Heights® PDF to EMF Converter was integrated into List & Label via the C interface. With it, List & Label can render any number of PDF documents and further process the content, including Unicode information. As a result, from Version 17 upwards the List & Label Designer only has to provide users with one single PDF object. The PDF content can be directly integrated into existing reports, e.g. filling in data, without having to first change formats.
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Témoignage du client

« We needed a high-class PDF output solution for our List & Label reporting tool. In PDF Tools AG we have found a very competent partner who reacts flexibly and expediently to our sometimes very special wishes. In close cooperation a solution evolved that completely fulfilled all of our requirements. I have never experienced a partnership in this manner and to this extent with any other service provider. »

Jochen Bartlau,
Project Manager combit Software GmbH, combit Software GmbH

Profil de l‘entreprise combit Software GmbH

Since their founding in 1989, combit has successfully established themselves through their developer component “List & Label” and their business applications “combit Relationship Manager” and “address manager” as a key player in the reporting, CRM and contact management markets. Using the reporting tool List & Label, software developers can enhance their own application with high-performance functions for generating reports, statistics, forms, lists and labels.