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Release Management

We revised our release management! In order to best satisfy your needs, we introduced a new release strategy at the beginning of 2019.


On the one hand, it comprises a continuous stream of monthly feature releases. Patches will be provided for each of these until the respective next feature release is deployed.

On the other hand, a Long-Term-Support release (LTS) will be released once a year in Q4. Patches for each LTS release will be provided for two years, independent of other releases. The LTS is always the last release of a major version.

Which type of release is best suited for my purpose?

We recommend using

  • Feature releases, if you work in an agile environment or would like to use new features in a timely manner.
  • LTS releases, if you work on major system releases with extended test and integration processes or if you place value mainly on long-term stability.

What can I expect from the different releases?

  • Feature releases consist of stability improvements as well as new features and product advancements.
  • LTS releases focus on stability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Patches generally contain only bug fixes and will be produced when needed.

In a nutshell

  Feature Release LTS
Frequency Monthly Yearly in Q4
Content - Stability improvements
- New features and improvements
- Product advancements
- Stability improvements
- Bug fixes
Patches Will be provided until the next feature release is deployed Will be provided for 2 years
Recommendation - For productive use in an agile environment
- Focus on adoption of new features on a timely basis
- For productive use in major system releases with extended test and integration processes
- Focus on long term stability

I am using the final release 4.12, how does this affect me?

The new release management was introduced at the beginning of 2019. The last version of the old release cycle is the final release 4.12 from January 2019. We treat this release like an LTS, meaning it will be supported and patches will be provided until January 2021.

If you are using the final release 4.12, we recommend

  • switching to the LTS release of major version 5 at the end of 2019
  • or to the LTS release of major version 6 at the end of 2020.

Naturally, you can also switch to one of the feature releases at an earlier time, e.g. if you would like to make use of new functionality.