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Business processes

The PDF format has become firmly established in business processes over the past 15 years. The use of PDF can lead to significant savings in all business processes by simplifying workflow processes and reducing costs through standardization. We can show you where and how PDF and PDF/A can be utilized in your business processes. The ECM model from AIIM will serve as a basis.

  • Incoming mail (Capture)
  • Create and process (Manage)
  • Outgoing mail (Deliver)
  • Archiving (Preserve)

Incoming mail

Digitalization has drastically changed incoming mail processes. Processing and response times can be reduced significantly despite the huge increase in possible forms and formats that land in the "inbox". Many companies have to date utilized the TIFF format. However, this has many disadvantages in comparison to PDF and PDF/A. The PDF formats are able to save metadata (keywords, indices), the text contained in the document and much more directly in the document as a unit. And there are also solutions for the growing flood of emails. Today, we can convert an email and its attachments to form a single PDF (or a TIFF if needs be) so that all the documents within the company have a standardized format for further processing.

Process scenario

  • Digitalization of incoming mail for the purpose of standardized electronic processing in business processes / workflow processes
  • Verification of incoming mail, for instance with regard to adherence to format conformity, directives for suppliers, etc.
  • Direct archiving of incoming mail in its "original state", e.g. for legal reasons

The role of PDF and PDF/A

  • Utilization of PDF or PDF/A as a standard format - all information relating to the document is stored in the PDF
  • Conversion of scanned documents to PDF
  • Conversion of digital documents (MS Office, etc.) to PDF
  • Conversion of emails with attachments to PDF (or TIFF)
  • Storage of keywords, indices, processing notes and similar directly in the PDF, possibly extracted directly from the document
  • Option for full text searching thanks to embedding document texts in the PDF based on the OCR process for analog sources
  • Application of digital signatures to the PDF document as proof of integrity, document authenticity and of the time the signature was applied

Examples *

Products for incoming mail

3-Heights® Document Converter – Convert Office documents, images and emails PDF

3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter – Convert images to PDF

3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A Converter – Convert PDF to PDF/A

3-Heights® Validator – Validate PDF documents (PDF version, PDF/A)

3-Heights® OCR Enterprise Add-On – Make PDF documents searchable in full text mode

3-Heights® PDF Extract – Extract text and images, query information

* some examples have been anonymized to protect the business secrets and privacy of our customers