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PDF Prep Tool Suite API - PDF editor for developers

The PDF Prep Tool Suite is a programming library for creating, splitting, merging and edit PDF documents. It can be used to modify PDF, add content such as text, images and vector graphics. Interactive elements such as links, form fields and bookmarks can be added and processed.

PDF documents can be created from scratch – for instance on the basis of a template to which data is added from a source such as a database.

Properties such as position, font, size and color are freely selectable. Once created, PDF documents can be encrypted and optimized for fast web-based viewing.


Assemble PDF documents


Personalize documents

Processing Forms

Create and fill in form fields


Apply digital signatures to pivotal business documents

AlphaTrust was searching for a solution that was fully capable of handling documents in PDF format. The pivotal condition was as follows: the solution must comply with legal requirements for digital signatures and document storage around the world.

Bayer CropScience relies on the ISO long-term archiving format PDF/A

More than 20,000 documents that are required by public authorities for regulatory reasons are created yearly within Bayer CropScience. The wide product spectrum and the unique functionality convinced Bayer CropScience to select the products from PDF Tools AG.
Product illustration PDF Prep Tool Suite

PDF Prep Tool Suite - features

  • Merge any number of pages from one or multiple PDF documents
  • Apply content to the background or foreground of an existing or new page
    • Text (page number, address, customer number, etc.)
    • Image (company logo, scanned signature)
    • Vector graphic (line, square, curve)
  • Remove viewer access rights
  • Set page size (media box) and visible area (crop box)
  • Set color as RGB or CMYK
  • Optimize PDF files for fast web view (linearization)
  • Encrypt PDF documents with a password and set permission flags
  • Read encrypted PDF documents
  • Define and extract document properties such as title, author, date of creation, etc.
  • Set and get outlines (bookmarks) in PDF documents
  • Copy content from multiple pages to one page including positioning, scaling and rotation
  • Add internal and external links and comments
  • Add, fill in, delete and read out form fields
  • Extract text including font and positioning information
Functionality graphic PDF Prep Tool Suite

Supported formats

Input Formats

  • PDF

Output Formats

  • PDF



Areas of use - create, split, merge and edit PDF documents


PDF documents are used for distributing e-books as well as for creating invoices, contracts and terms and conditions, for instance in insurance application forms. These documents share a common requirement: they need to be supplemented with data specific to the recipient.

Automated reporting

Large quantities of information are stored in databases and DMS systems. PDF Prep Tool Suite is designed to receive this information and convert it into distributable standardized PDF documents. It therefore enables the distribution of documents across infrastructures where different technologies and operating systems are in use.

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