3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter - bulk convert image to PDF in Java, C# or batch

The 3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter component converts images such as TIFF, GIF, PNG and JPEG to PDF and PDF/A documents - programmatically or by command line. The Image to PDF Converter is used to convert images to PDF in an ISO-standardized format, for instance for electronic archiving or electronic data exchange. It is also possible to integrate metadata from external sources during the conversion process. An optional OCR add-on is available to create searchable output files.

Document Verification

Benefit from various supported compressions including MRC, set target resolution and color space

Archive Migration to PDF/A

Convert TIF to PDF programmatically (C#, Java) or by batch file to efficiently migrate a large TIFF archive to PDF/A

Searchable PDF and PDF/A

Convert images to PDF and PDF/A and optionally apply OCR at the same time


Central document conversion with efficient rendition service at Gebrüder Weiss GmbH

For converting documents, Gebrüder Weiss originally used open source software in conjunction with its in-house solution. However, certain file formats were not supported, so the company evaluated and licensed the conversion solution developed by a competitor of PDF Tools AG as part of an archive migration.

On-the-fly image conversion at j2 Global’s® cloud services

With eFax® j2 offers a solution to effortlessly send and receive faxes online on mobile phone, tablet or laptop. j2 didn’t have a single solution for the on-the-fly conversion of images to and from TIFF and PDF.
3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter - Product Image

Image to PDF Converter - Features

  • Image to PDF

    • Conversion of single page or multi-page raster images to PDF
    • Set PDF conformance
    • Automatic or selectable image compression, depending on the image type
    • Automatic or selectable PDF page size
    • Selectable page area
    • Selectable image quality for lossy compression
    • Set image position
    • Set scaling
    • Set standard resolution (DPI / X and Y coordinates)
    • Set encryption and user access permissions
    • Selectable and embeddable ICC color profile
    • Define alternative texts (tagging) and image language
    • Set document attributes
    • Optional JPEG image recompression
    • Set image orientation (portrait or landscape)
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Embedding XMP metadata
    • Support for image masks
    • Support for mixed raster content (MRC)
  • Image to Image

    • Split single page or multi-page raster images into individual, single page images
    • Merge multiple images to form one multi-page image
    • Convert to an image format of the same color depth
    • Modify TIFF image compression
    • Set quality index for lossy image compression
    • Create lossless JBIG2 images and lossy/lossless JPEG2000
    • Set resolution and image dimensions
3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter - Functionality


  • Standards:
    • ISO 32000-1 (PDF 1.7)
    • ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0)
    • ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A-1)
    • ISO 19005-2 (PDF/A-2)
    • ISO 19005-3 (PDF/A-3)
    • TIFF V6
  • Quality assurance: Isartor test suite
Powered by 3‑Heights® TechnologyPDF/A compliant

Supported formats

Input Formats

  • BMP (1, 2, 4, 8, 24 bit)
  • GIF (2 to 8 bit)
  • JBIG2 (lossless compression)
  • JPEG, JPEG2000 and JPEG-LS (Grayscale, RGB)
  • PBM and PNG (1 to 8, 24 bit)
  • TIFF
  • Bitonal : uncompressed, CCITT G3, CCITT G3-2D, CCITT G4, LZW, ZIP, Packbits
  • Grayscale, RGB and CMYK: uncompressed, LZW, JPEG, JPEG (old), ZIP, Packbits

Output Formats

Image to PDF Converter:

  • PDF 1.0 to 1.7
  • PDF 2.0
  • PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b
  • PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u
  • PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b, PDF/A-3u

Output Formats

Image to Image Converter:

  • All input formats plus EPS

Areas of use - convert images to PDF and PDF/A

Incoming mail

Scanned documents can be converted from JPEG and TIFF format into PDF/A, PDF or other image formats. Further standardized processing and secure archiving of incoming documents is thereby guaranteed. Received texts can be made available via optional OCR functionality.


Conversion of existing TIFF or JPM archives or files into a long-term PDF/A archive conform with ISO requirements and with full text searching options.


The 3-Heights™ Image to PDF Converter can be integrated into scanning solutions, fax software, COLD output software, document management systems, archiving systems, etc.

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Convert Image to PDF/A

Convert an image to a PDF/A-1a document. Optionally set a different compliance level.

C# sample:
// Create the converter
using (Img2Pdf converter = new Img2Pdf())
    // Set PDF Compliance level
    converter.Compliance = compliance;

    // Create output file
    if (!converter.Create(outPath, "", "", PDFPermission.ePermNoEncryption))
        throw new Exception(String.Format("Output file {0} cannot be created. {1} "+ 
            "(ErrorCode: 0x{2:x})", outPath, converter.ErrorMessage, converter.ErrorCode));

    // Convert pages from input image to PDF
    if (!converter.CreatePageFromImage(inPath))
        throw new Exception(String.Format("Pages cannot be created from image input {0}. " + 
            "{1} (ErrorCode: 0x{2:x})", inPath, converter.ErrorMessage, converter.ErrorCode));

    // Close output file
    if (!converter.Close())
        throw new Exception(String.Format("Output file {0} cannot be closed. " + 
            "{1} (ErrorCode: 0x{2:x})", outPath, converter.ErrorMessage, converter.ErrorCode));
C# sample: