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Newsletter October 2021

Dear readers,

Fall is here! It's a great time to get cozy and read over a nice cup of tea - for example, about the new features of the 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer or find out what the new Long-Term Support Release has in store for you. In this issue of the newsletter, you can also find out how Suva ensures the quality of more than 90,000 documents a day and what Ulrich Altorfer thought of this year's Documation.

Happy reading!

Your PDF Tools Team

Form Filling and Stamping in the 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer

Earlier this year we have launched our brand new 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer, the successor of the 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer. Now we are proud to announce the arrival of two new features: PDF page stamps and form field filling.

In contrast to common belief, a PDF can contain a multitude of interactive elements. The two most important classes of these are markup annotations and form fields. Changes made to these elements are stored directly within the PDF file.

New feature: PDF page stamps

Among the many types of markup annotations, let us turn to the stamp annotation — a "sticker" to be placed in arbitrary size and location on a page. Stamp annotations come in different varieties:

  • Text stamp with predefined text contents
  • Image stamp with a raster image as content
  • New: PDF page stamp with arbitrary content

The 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer now supports a pre-configuration to create stamps from a page of any given PDF. This removes any limitations from the actual stamp content: Imagine text, images, and vector graphics in any combination. If you need a programmatic procedure to create a PDF page stamp, then take a look at our 4-Heights® PDF Toolbox SDK.

New feature: Form filling

Unlike with annotations, form fields in a PDF cannot be created nor deleted by the user. Their main purpose is to let the user fill in and store a PDF form. As of now, the 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer enables exactly this: Form filling for all types of "AcroForm" form fields. A clear and intuitive graphical user interface allows for easy handling.

Would you like to experience the 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer firsthand?

Find out more about our PDF Web Viewer

LTS Version 2 for 4-Heights® range is getting ready

We are happy to provide you with the next long-term support release (LTS) for our 4-Heights® product range next week (CW 41).

Conversion Service

The 4-Heights® Conversion Service offers document conversion, quality control and can easily be integrated into existing enterprise applications. It offers the same functionality as the 3-Heights® Document Converter and much more:

  • New workflows, including dossier creation
  • Communication via HTTPS
  • Support of cross-origin requests (CORS) for improved integration into web applications
  • Statistics monitoring of processed jobs (Windows only)
  • Multiple performance improvements, including OCR
  • Optimal processing time for critical jobs through prioritization
  • New supported formats: HEIF and HEIC / Office documents and rich text format (RTF) on Windows
  • Connections can be configured and combined for great flexibility and optimum integration into existing enterprise applications
  • Input connectors: Dedicated and simplified REST interface or watched folder
  • Output connectors: Call any application via command line, save processed document into a folder or send the result to another service using a REST callback

More details in the Conversion Service Manual

PDF Web Viewer

The 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer is the direct successor to the 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer and the next major version in this product line. In addition to the functionality of the 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer, the new release includes new features:

  • Printing
  • Higher quality and performance thanks to new rendering engine
  • Form fields can be filled out
  • Samples for angular and react
  • Viewing-only mode

More details in the PDF Web Viewer Manual

PDF Toolbox

The 4-Heights® PDF Toolbox SDK is the direct successor to the 3-Heights® PDF Toolbox and the next major version in this product line. In addition to the functionality of the 3-Heights® PDF Toolbox, the new release includes additional functionalities:

  • Extract text state parameters
  • Creation of links
  • Copy page ranges for faster processing

More details in the PDF Toolbox Manual

A few notes on our release planning

For 4-Heights® products, we offer two kinds of software releases. Feature releases include the newest features on a regular basis. Patches for a feature release are offered until the next feature release is available. Long-term support releases (LTS) focus on stability and maintenance with a guaranteed support of two years.

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Central conversion solution ensures quality of more than 90,000 documents daily

At Suva (= Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund), all PDF files belonging to a claim dossier are stored in an enterprise content management system. These documents are either created internally or sent in by external parties. Since the PDF files were delivered from different source systems, they are available in different PDF standards. We therefore needed a central conversion solution for our document management.

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"Finally, real customer conversations again!"

"It was great to be back at a trade show after 18 months and to have "real" customer contact," is how Ulrich Altorfer, Head of Sales at PDF Tools, sums up his participation at Documation 2021 in Paris. There was also plenty else to talk about with the international trade audience at the joint PDF Tools and iLovePDF booth. The pandemic has shown how important it is to rapidly expand digital document processes. As a result, our 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer and the topic of "digital signatures" attracted a great deal of interest from visitors. "After a long time of keeping their distance, people appreciate the personal exchange. Attending presentations and exchanging opinions at the booth instead of virtually is an all-around great experience."

Documation 2021 is France's electronic document management trade show, which took place September 7-9. In its 27th edition, the event includes some 100 exhibitors, 45 conferences and panels, and 50 workshops to discuss how the world of enterprise information is changing: End-to-end digitization, teleworking and collaboration, electronic signatures, and archiving digital content are just a sampling of the trending topics.

Highlight video of the organizer: