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Long Term Support Release 5.9

The year in review

The year is once again drawing to a close. We have been working hard for you and are now proud to present the first long-term support release 5.9. Such a release will be released once a year from now on and will each be supported for two years. Additionally, a feature release will be issued once a month. You can find more information about our new release management here.

Without further ado, here are the key updates since the last final release:

The 3-Heights® PDF Toolbox now offers a comprehensive set of features for form fields, in addition to numerous other improvements.

  • Would you like to fill out forms programmatically?
  • Extract data from forms?
  • Create new forms yourself?
  • Delete, change or add form fields?
  • Flatten form fields?

The new PDF Toolbox features make it easy to automate the creation, editing and processing of your forms.

We have made the 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer even more user-friendly with the help of your valuable customer feedback. It now offers users additional information such as a loading message or an “Unsaved Changes” dialog box. The viewer has also been enriched with new features such as

  • user-defined color palettes for different annotation types
  • rotatable stamps
  • opening of FDF files with an associated PDF document

and much more. Try it yourself – discover our PDF Web Viewer in the online demo.

You can find detailed information about updates to all products in the release notes as usual.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Albert Einstein

Looking forward

The year 2020 is all about simplicity.

Your developers will be delighted to hear that all our components are getting a .NET Core interface, which will significantly simplify integration into various environments.

And we are making life easier for your users as well: The 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer will be extended with the much sought-after print feature.

Furthermore, we will be launching the brand-new product line 4-Heights®, the philosophy of which can be perfectly summed up in the introductory quotation from Albert Einstein.

Starting with the products themselves and their licensing, through the installation, configuration and integration, right up to the operation and maintenance – we are applying this principle consistently. All with the aim of making your job easier.

Stay tuned – further information will follow soon.


Integrated PDF/A conversion in real-time

As a software solution provider, ABF Informatik strives to deliver lean solutions that match their customers’ requirements. New, often complex customer requirements increasingly call for enhancements and optimizations in existing solutions.

Our 3-Heights® products as a foundation for real-time PDF/A conversion, comprehensive full-text-search and the preparation for secure archiving in accordance with the eCH standard.

Centralized document capturing with Scan2SAP solution

In the past, Oerlikon set up scanning stations with special software in various departments around the world to scan and digitize a range of documents containing business-relevant information. The collection and further processing required a lot of administrative effort within the individual organizations.

Our 3-Heights® products for centralized document capture through scanning and automized processing with SAP, PDF Tools Scan to PDF Server, OCR and PDF Extraction.

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