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Fast entry of index information and display of corresponding PDF documents

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Application requirements

With their ‘Verifier’, StratOz GmbH designed a product that can be used for the fast entry of index information and display of the corresponding document in any document handling process. The company required PDF tools for the further development of the Verifier, to enable amongst other things a flexible search function, the transfer of data out of PDF documents per drag and drop, and to support coordinate jumps.

The last are jumps to a searched content in a document or a coordinate so it can be marked and transferred into the index field. In addition, the search result should be highlighted with conspicuously visible colored borders. The products from PDF Tools AG were the only ones that fulfilled all of the customer’s requirements. The attractive licensing and pricing model was also convincing, leading to the decision in favor of the PDF Tools AG products.

Customer benefits

StratOz GmbH could enhance their Verifier with additional PDF functionality thanks to the 3-Heights® components, notably increasing the user friendliness and efficiency of their software solution. The company also profited from the flexible and timely support provided by the experts at PDF Tools AG regarding new development requirements and support issues, both during the development phase as well as during the subsequent operations.

One customer of the Verifier is the pension fund for tax counselors in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Regina Schneider, an official in the financial accounting department, is the opinion that: “Using the PDF Viewer together with the Verifier is great. The highlighting function eliminates most of the manual entries, leading to a much quicker and error-free processing. It is especially helpful with text fields.”


The Verifier accesses documents and index data contained in a file structure. Existing documents are loaded into stacks, can be individually reviewed, and index data can be supplemented. During the verification of incoming invoices, documents (e. g. scanned invoices) can be quickly and easily indexed for the target system (ERP, DMS) using the StratOz Invoice-Reader. At the same time, the corresponding document is displayed using the 3-Heights® PDF Viewer. The index data that are extracted with help of the StratOz Invoice Reader (e.g. creditor, invoice number and date) are placed opposite to the existing master data and can be corrected or complemented if necessary. Data sets that are complete and plausible are automatically transferred to the follow-up systems. 

Other possible uses for the verifier include data migration, where any volume of old documents (images, office documents and PDF) are enhanced with index data and then transferred to a following system (e. g. document or workflow management system). 

During the processing of incoming mail, scanned input documents are analyzed with the StratOz CIMINER and index fields like sender, transaction type, date etc. are extracted. The users can subsequently view the documents using the interactive viewer of the Verifier, enhance the index data, and finally transfer the documents to the following process.

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Customer statements

“PDF Tools AG distinguishes itself from the competition through their flexible accommodation of requested project enhancements. Urgently needed changes were immediately implemented and delivered to our developers. Precisely formulated technical questions were concisely answered by PDF Tools AG, without the usual run-around.”

Daniel Eickhoff,
Software developer, StratOz GmbH

Brief portrait of StratOz GmbH

The IT service provider StratOz GmbH has been delivering high performance business process solutions to national and international customers for over 27 years. The company, with its 34 employees, focuses on the areas of information and business process management. Strategic project management, knowledge management and generic solutions round out their services portfolio.