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Automated email archiving in rhenag’s energy supplier solution LIMA

Application requirements

As a system solution, LIMA offers a range of coordinated modules for handling every business process in today’s energy supply industry. This includes a comprehensive archiving solution. rhenag implemented an automated email archiving system to round off the customer’s archive. This called for a suitable software program to convert all incoming and outgoing emails from many different formats into the PDF/A format without any media disruption. In addition to the guarantee that future developments of incoming formats would also be automatically convertible, rhenag placed great importance on the best possible price-performance ratio.

Customer benefits

Previously, emails from regional and communal energy suppliers throughout Germany were printed, scanned, indexed and finally filed in the archive. This entire process has been replaced by a customized solution incorporating the 3-Heights® Document Converter.  The automated email archiving system is used for all email correspondence with rhenag customers. It is increasingly replacing conventional methods of correspondence. Consultants at the energy providers benefit from a significant increase in efficiency and from timely and cost-effective access to customer data. rhenag’s expectations of the products and services have been upheld to the fullest extent. High customer satisfaction combined with the extended archiving solution contributes to an even better evaluation of the LIMA software program.


Following exhaustive market analyses and extensive tests of products from various manufacturers, rhenag decided in favor of the 3-Heights® Document Converter. The software development also includes a keyword indexing system for the archive. The 3-Heights® Document Converter files incoming and outgoing emails converted to PDF/A format in separate accessible directory structures. The documents are transported from these directories to the archive by means of a software solution developed by rhenag.
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Customer statements

“In addition to the product’s format neutrality, the outstanding support service provided by PDF Tools AG is more than worthy of emphasis. These experiences will doubtlessly lead to a more intensive cooperation.”

Andreas Weingarten,
managing director, rhenag – Rheinische Energie AG

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The rhenag company is a supra-regional energy supplier and share-holding manager of communal energy providers. rhenag advises regional and communal suppliers throughout Germany on all business management and technical issues in this expanding service market. The company offers energy suppliers a comprehensive solution concept named LIMA that includes the use of a high-performance computer center. This guarantees an ideal synthesis between consultation and an IT solution.