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Legally compliant, digital archiving in the PostFinance AD ACTA solution

Application requirements

PostFinance AG decided to develop the “AD ACTA“ solution within the scope of archive redevelopment to enable the digital long-term storage of internal documents that are not directly related to the provision of services. AD ACTA serves the purposes of archiving, filing, sharing and locating internal documents and is used for documents subject to mandatory archiving and/or of relevance to business. The solution ensures legally compliant digital archiving and fulfils the service provider’s regulatory requirements concerning document administration and storage. The main demand placed on the conversion software is PDF/A conversion and validation with as few errors as possible. The reliability of the 3-Heights® Document Converter during the test phase and the many installations at reputable corporations already making successful use of the software are factors that the responsible managers at PostFinance AG found compelling.

Customer benefits

The inclusion of the 3-Heights® Document Converter guarantees legally compliant, long-term electronic storage of internal documents such as minutes, memos, specification documents, partner contracts, etc., that are created and administered by automated office equipment. Documents previously had to be archived either on microfilm or by hand. Today, around 250 employees use the AD ACTA archiving solution, and the central storage office can access archived documents at any time. The 3-Heights® Document Converter has proved to be a reliable solution in everyday use with regard to the quality of PDF/A conversions.


AD ACTA is based largely on SharePoint, EMC Celerra and the 3-Heights® Document Converter. The archiving process for internal documents is triggered by the publication of a main version in SharePoint. The document is converted to PDF/A format and delivered to EMC Celerra within the scope of a dispatcher job. 
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Customer statements

“As the project was predominantly intended to implement regulatory requirements, it was important to us to have the project and subsequent operations managed by a trustworthy and reliable partner who is familiar with the needs of the financial sector and can develop the product range accordingly. The support we received was exemplary and highly competent. Our queries were addressed very quickly with outstanding customer orientation and competence. The product fulfils our specifications and is well-documented.”

Michael Rumpf,
Archive Manager, PostFinance AG

Brief portrait of PostFinance AG

PostFinance AG is an independent business division of the Swiss Post Office. Since the mid-1990s it has grown from being Switzerland’s number one payment transaction institute to a full-blown bank. PostFinance AG has 3 million customers and manages customer assets totalling 110 billion Swiss francs. It is the third largest bank in Switzerland with a focus on payment transactions and savings, although it also offers simple and affordable products for investment and financing as well as retirement provisions. PostFinance AG has doubled the number of employees to around 4,000 as a result of its corporate development.