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3-Heights® PDF Printer for forms and output management

Application requirements

MM-Agrar’s challenge was to send unstructured documents to output printing and follow-up handling in a structured form, and then process the documents through an enveloping machine with OME reading. The solution had to be quickly implemented, with the resulting system being simple to use and easily supported.

Customer benefits

CSW - By using the 3-Heights® PDF Printer, the ProForma printing solution was enhanced with the following functionalities: reading PDF documents and accepting them as Unicode files that could be further processed, even when the PDF files themselves did not contain any Unicode coding.

MM-Agrar - Allocating the printed documents to the different types of forms is now possible thanks to the new software. The printouts can subsequently be placed in specially defined stacks. This greatly simplifies the archiving of the documents in structured repositories.


The realization of the end-customer’s requirements was successfully accomplished using the ProForma printing solution from CSW. The ProForma printing solution uses a virtual printer driver to convert documents of different formats into a standard Unicode-based format, which are then sent to the output management system.

In order to convert PDF documents, the 3-Heights® PDF Printer was further developed to support an output in the Unicode format for all types of PDF files, ensuring that the content could be subsequently processed.

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Customer statements

“As users it was important for us to be able to determine the sorting and identification criteria, and that all printed documents could be retained in the database for up to a year. This way we can reselect documents that get lost in the postal system and reprint the originals. The software solution fulfills all of our requirements unequivocally.”

Richard Jummer,
Project Deputy Director, Department Head Administration, Münchener & Magdeburger Agrarversicherung AG

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Germany’s second largest agricultural insurance company offers insurance protection for livestock and crop farming. Their nationwide presence through permanent employees and some 7,500 agents enables them to provide comprehensive services to more than 30,000 customers. In addition to traditional hail coverage, the company has designed numerous innovative products, ensuring that livestock and the harvest can be adequately protected.

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CSW Peripheriesysteme GmbH is a software company that focuses on output management. Their “ProForma” software has been building the basis for intelligent, high performance and economic solutions in forms and output management since 1990. Innovative concepts and a distinct customer orientation have helped CSW make a name for themselves as a competent partner with over 900 installations.