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On-the-fly image conversion at j2 Global’s® cloud services

Application requirements

With eFax® j2 offers a solution to effortlessly send and receive faxes online on mobile phone, tablet or laptop. j2 didn’t have a single solution for the on-the-fly conversion of images to and from TIFF and PDF before, and intended to centralize conversions to one application which works as a core service and is able to support any product j2 offers Web Services FAX API for.

Customer benefits

j2’s end customers are allowed to retrieve their fax images in their format of choice. With the usage of the 3-Heights® PDF to Image Converter and the 3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter the company was able to create an internal service that allows to convert the document to the format required, and only one format has to be retained.

The customer gained very positive experiences using the 3-Heights® PDF to Image Converter and the 3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter: he was able to build its service for using these tools quickly, and conversion rates on varying traffic loads are excellent. Because of the memory based conversion without creating temporary files, j2 also enhanced its security and performance. During implementation of the software, the Fax API Team experienced a very responsive support from PDF Tools AG.


To establish a local API allowing on-the-fly conversion j2 decided to use the 3-Heights® products. By doing this they obtained a single vendor solution for two processes.
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Customer statements

“We did a lot of research for a product that would fill this need with the heavy loads we get in our fax traffic. The 3-Heights® PDF to Image Converter and the 3-Heights® Image to PDF Converter were the only solid solutions we found that allowed us to develop this core service. We are very pleased with the outcome and everything is running efficiently.”

Bud Hartel,
Engineering Manager, j2 Global®

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