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PDF Tools AG - Customer testimonial - success story

Fast and accurate viewing of PDF Documents by using 3-Heights® PDF to Image Converter

Application requirements

The ECM system features an integrated document viewer, whereas PDF is one of several document formats the viewer needs to support. Integra decided to replace the existing rendering software with a new toolkit that meets or exceeds the performance and experience of the existing PDF document viewer. Additionally the rendering fidelity had to be high and the solution had to be cost effective as it has to be distributed to their customers. The new toolkit should be fast, have low memory overhead and a .NET API. 

Integra evaluated several PDF rasterization toolkits. As the 3-Heights® PDF to Image converter was the fastest and preserved the look of the original document the best the decision has been made to use the PDF Tools product.

Customer benefits

Many of Integra’s customers are in the financial services industry. The solution is used by both customer service and back office personnel in many different departments including Lending, Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Customer Service, and more. Numerous customers have millions of documents stored within the system that are displayed. Users benefit from a fast and accurate viewing experience of PDF documents of all kinds.


The document viewing experience is critical to the product of the ECM vendor. Customers regularly search and view PDF documents in their application. The viewer displays a single page at a time. As users of the iDentifi.NET solution view the document, each PDF page is extracted and converted to an image by the 3-Heights® PDF to Image Converter. The resulting image is shown in the document viewer with options to zoom and add annotations.
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Customer statements

“The advantageous licensing terms convinced us to implement the PDF Tools AG toolkit. The 3-Heights® PDF to Image Converter worked as expected immediately, the documentation was well written and enabled us to implement the toolkit easily without the need of further support”

Aaron Stine,
SVP Development, Integra Business Systems, Inc.

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Integra is a software development company that produces document imaging, management and workflow with 25 years of experience in the financial services, real estate and other industries. iDentifi.NET is an Electronic Content Management (ECM) system that delivers a wide range of features for scanning, storing, coding, tracking, finding and viewing documents throughout the enterprise.