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Document conversion to PDF/A, validation, and long-term digital archiving

Application requirements

GEOVAP needed an integrated and comprehensive solution for its document management software (PDFServer) to convert various document formats to PDF/A for long-term archiving. This included doc, pdf, xls, txt, png, jpg, eml, msg and more.

Reliability, document validation, and the ability to convert files in bulk were the decisive factors when choosing the most suitable technology that would be integrated into GEOVAP’s software. The validation of the resulting PDF/A files needed to ensure compliance with both national legislation of the Czech Republic and the PDF/A standards.

Customer benefits

Guaranteeing compliance with national legislation of the Czech Republic and different PDF/A standards is a delicate matter. The fact that the Czech Republic’s National Archive also uses the same software for PDF/A validation reinforced GEOVAP’s decision to partner with PDF Tools AG.

As a result of using a comprehensive solution like the 4-Heights® Conversion Service, GEOVAP puts the trust of the conversion and compliance aspects of its own software in the hands of PDF Tools AG, giving itself more space to focus on other areas of their core business like production, delivery and operation support of Document Record Management Systems or software support services for municipal governments.


The 4-Heights™ Conversion Service proved to be the right solution for this use case, fulfilling all of GEOVAP’s requirements. Previously, GEOVAP had worked with locally installed MS Office to convert common Office formats into PDF/A, but no software was handling PDF/A validation specifically. Online web validators were simply not able to manage all demands in terms of mass document processing - and reliable mass document validation is a crucial feature of GEOVAP’s document management workflow.

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Customer statements

“Working with PDF Tools AG has been very significant to us, not only because of the quality of their technology but also because we have gained a strong partner for solving the entire life cycle of documents in compliance with the national legislation of the Czech Republic. We rest reassured that our software users now have reliable tools at their disposal for managing documents and also for long-term storage of their content. Thanks to the web services, integration of the 4-Heights Conversion Service was very fast and relatively easy. We appreciate the technical support of PDF Tools AG. We always received answers to our questions very quickly.”

Tomáš Weinzettl,
Director of DRMS Department, Geovap

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GEOVAP is a software technology provider in the fields of industrial automation and geospatial data management. The company was founded in 1991. The software is used to manage real-world assets to improve services and operational efficiency. Since 2007 GEOVAP has been supplying document management solutions to state and local government organizations and to other document processing organizations. They supply a comprehensive solution for document management throughout their entire life cycle which also contains document conversion tools for archiving and long-term storage.