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Efficient mobile access to information for on-board staff at Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Application requirements

The so-called Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) in use at Lufthansa provides flight personnel with all general, personal and flight-related information on a single end device. The application on the EFB supports all of the main processes for flight preparation, execution and wrap-up. This includes training, learning and refresher phase, flight execution, utilization during layover and flight wrap-up. It is also used for administrative pilot preparation at home or at one of the Flight Operation Centers, for instance for self-briefing (Web Based Briefing). All of the manuals required by personnel, for instance, are available in digitized format on the EFB in an Application Library. A new PDF Viewer was needed for the Application Library as the previous PDF Viewer in use of a different manufacturer was unable to display the documents that would be required in the future. Deutsche Lufthansa AG decided to use the 3-Heights® PDF Viewer by PDF Tools AG as it was recommended by its software provider (Lufthansa Systems).

Customer benefits

The EFB applications are used by the entire cockpit personnel at Lufthansa Passage AG, Lufthansa Cityline GmbH and Lufthansa Cargo AG. Changing the PDF Viewer has made it possible to include additional documents from airplane manufacturers; it also provides greater access speed to existing documents. Faster access to important information has further increased flight safety.


The 3-Heights® PDF Viewer was integrated within the scope of a software release. At first there were a few differences between the new printouts from the Application Library and those generated by the previous PDF Viewer. However, this was soon satisfactorily rectified with help from Support.
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Customer statements

“We would especially like to mention the fast and competent support provided by PDF Tools AG that was available to us throughout the entire project implementation phase.”

Frank Enders,
Manager IT Infrastructure, Lufthansa Passage, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

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The German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a globally operating air traffic corporation with the business divisions Passage Airline Group (core business), Logistics, Technology, IT Services and Catering. The Passage Airline Group business division incorporates Lufthansa Passage, German Wings, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and shareholdings in Brussels Airlines, Jet Blue and Sun Express. Deutsche Lufthansa AG operates the following hubs: Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Zurich and Vienna; the airline carried more than 100 million passengers in 2011. More than 116,000 people from 141 countries work for the airline.