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Secure and stable email-conversion with 3‑Heights® Document Converter at CBP

Application requirements

CBP drives an insurance business and emails are used for business critical communication with their partners and consumers. For 10 years they have a custom email conversion tool which allowed to successfully handle multiple thousands of emails per day.

But email conversion requires constant evolutions as the technology is changing permanently. CBPs custom system reached some limits. The rejection rate was increasing and reaching 3 \% it was impacting too much their productivity. Moreover errors of document compositions were also increasing.


The customer has been migrating PDF Tools AG 3-Heights® Document Converter in summer 2013. CBP is fully satisfied of this choice as PDF Tools AG follows email market’s evolutions. Converted documents are nearly always perfectly conform to the original and the throuput requirements of CBP are fullfilled without oversizing the infrastructure. The rejection process is fully operational, the rejection rate is far below than before and the system is running very stable.
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Customer statements

“We rely on a competent partner and the support team is available, competent and finds solutions to our issues. We are fully satisfied with the 3-Heights® Document Converter.”

Jérôme Bordier,
Responsable Production, Direction des Systèmes d’Information, CBP

Brief portrait of CBP

As a creditor insurance and provident fund scheme product consultant and broker, CBP creates value for its clients by providing them with tailor-made solutions. On an exclusive B2B basis, CBP provides comprehensive and customized solutions to meet any need for personal insurance. Traditionally CBP has built its success on the “creditor insurance” range of collective and individual schemes. Thanks to this very strong specialization CBP is currently the leader in the French market. Backed up with its success, CBP’s business model is duplicated in other countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.