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PDF Tools AG - Customer testimonial - success story

Apply digital signatures to pivotal business documents

Application requirements

AlphaTrust was searching for a solution that was fully capable of handling documents in PDF format. The pivotal condition was as follows: the solution must comply with legal requirements for digital signatures and document storage around the world.

Customer benefits

AlphaTrust can offer a sound solution for PDF document modification thanks to the products of PDF Tools.

PDF technology is a reliable and durable format for digital signatures on business documents.


The solution should be robust and stable and have optimal PDF editing functionality, including the ability to apply images and signatures together with the appropriate texts and meta data.

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Customer statements

“PDF Tools AG offers not only powerful, stable and reliable products but also competent advice. They took our requirements with regard to improvements and new functions very seriously. The company is an outstanding partner in the field of information technology.”

Bill Brice,
CEO, AlphaTrust Corporation

Brief portrait of AlphaTrust Corporation

The AlphaTrust Corporation was founded in 1994 and offers computer-based solutions to apply manual signatures and approvals to paper-based documents. The company distributes and maintains server, desktop and OEM software applications. These applications serve the production and organization of secure, durable and enforceable electronic documents throughout their entire lifecycle. These electronic documents and manually signed paper-based documents are legally and functionally equivalent.