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Integrated PDF/A conversion in real-time

Application requirements

As a software solution provider, ABF Informatik strives to deliver lean solutions that match their customers’ requirements. New, often complex customer requirements increasingly call for enhancements and optimizations in existing solutions.

Besides security, the most important requirements in electronic business administration are document standardization and reliable searchability. This is especially important when different document formats are in play. For these reasons, ABF Informatik pays particularly attention towards professionalism and high-quality products when selecting their technology-partners.

Usability, flexibility, a comprehensive solution solving multiple requirements at the same time and the proximity of the supplier were the deciding criteria for supplier selection.

Customer benefits

ABF Informatik was successful in improving the ease of use for their customers, thanks to a multitude of complementary products from the same supplier. At the same time, the reduced variety of deployed third-party solutions considerably saved them time and effort. The massive improvement in the performance of converting various formats to PDF/A is a major benefit for users.

The requested PDF documents are now available to customers in real-time. Additionally, ABF Informatik successfully added new functionalities, from which their customers can benefit right away and in the future.


The products 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer, 3-Heights® PDF Optimizer and 3-Heights® Document Converter are integrated in the applications of ABF Informatik. They form the foundation for real-time format conversion, comprehensive full-text-search and the preparation for secure archiving in accordance with the eCH-0160 standard. On top of everything, a series of additional requirements, such as conveniently adding annotations to existing documents, were addressed and implemented.

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Customer statements

“Continuously raising complexity of customer demands require us to pursue lean and efficient ways of developing solutions with substantial additional values for our customers. Whilst at least retaining the level of quality, we must be able to keep offering cost competitively. Thanks to the products of PDF Tools AG, we successfully met those goals.”

Paul Hostettler,
Head Sales, Member of the Executive Board, ABF Informatik AG

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ABF Informatik AG is specialized in the development of standard and individualized software in the areas of electronic business administration and process automation. The products ABF iGEKO and deskOne are used in the public sector as well as in the private industry.