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PDF Tools customer success and case studies

The success of a company can also be measured by the extent to which its customers are prepared to report on their positive experience with the company. We are pleased to present to you a few examples of customers who are happy to recommend us to others.

Our software and programming components in the field of PDF, PDF/A and image files are used in a broad range of sectors and applications. The following extract from our list of customers features leading businesses and organizations from around the world who collaborate with us.



ABF Informatik AG logo

As a software solution provider, ABF Informatik strives to deliver lean solutions that match their customers’ requirements. New, often complex customer requirements increasingly call for enhancements and optimizations in existing solutions.

academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Schweiz AG logo

academia’s administrative personnel needed a stable software, ease of use, a function for saving PDFs in the file system, and an option to send PDFs by email. The 3-Heights™ PDF Producer itself, along with the support provided, proved compelling arguments for academia.

Advance Management Company logo

InsureSign is the easiest way to get a document signed by the insured instantly, regardless of their location. The provider Advance Management Company aimed to reduce the overall size of the application and intended to increase the speed of their solution.

AlphaTrust Corporation logo

AlphaTrust was searching for a solution that was fully capable of handling documents in PDF format. The pivotal condition was as follows: the solution must comply with legal requirements for digital signatures and document storage around the world.

ALTE LEIPZIGER Mutual Life Insurance Society logo

The ALTE LEIPZIGER Life Insurance Society archives around 15 million incoming and outgoing documents of various formats every year. In choosing the appropriate software, a decision was made in favor of the 3‑Heights™Document Converter.

ARAG IT GmbH logo

Insurance applications at ARAG are increasingly being submitted via electronic means. In order to ensure that the insurance applications comply with the required PDF/A standard, the documents have to be validated by means of a gatekeeper-software. The decision was made in favor of the 3-Heights™ PDF Validator.

AXS-One Inc. logo

A customer of AXS-One faces the problem of migrating an enormous amount of PDF documents with defective character information to be imported from an old system. PDF Tools made it possible to handle the technical problems posed by migrating a huge volume and to correct defective character information.


Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland) Ltd logo

Compliance requirements at Bank Hapoalim require that documents are protected against changes when reporting to customers. Tests revealed that the 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter is able to guarantee extremely high conversion quality.

Bayer CropScience logo

More than 20,000 documents that are required by public authorities for regulatory reasons are created yearly within Bayer CropScience. The wide product spectrum and the unique functionality convinced Bayer CropScience to select the products from PDF Tools AG.


CBP logo

For 10 years CBP used a custom email conversion tool which allowed to successfully handle multiple thousands of emails per day. But email conversion requires constant evolutions as the technology is changing permanently. CBP's custom system reached some limits.

City of Zurich (tax office) logo

In order to enhance their printing solution, Printcom Ltd required a high-performance library that could send PDF documents indelibly to different printers. The software should be able to manage all of the printing controls of the destination printer by means of functional calls.

CM Informatik AG logo

To avoid creating a specific annotation solution for every app and for the web, the project focused on finding a solution that could be used across all platforms. This solution also needed to be executable using standard web technologies and in a Cordova framework.

consilium1 logo

The requirement was to migrate the customer's files from their existing (.prm) format into a valid PDF format and incorporate them into a new operating system.


Delen Private Bank logo

Delen’s goal was to make sure that the physical and the electronic version of documents have to be completely equivalent. PDF Documents have to be merged in a fully automated way. As the PDF Command Line Suite met the requirements, Delen decided to use the PDF Tools AG product.

Department of Education and Sport (DES) of the City of Zurich logo

For the coordination of holiday support 60’000 holiday support applications must be processed and managed annually. Thus far these documents had be processed, mailed and archived in paper form. The entire handling was considerably simplified and have become more efficient by means of the comprehensive solution implemented by Advellence.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG logo

The so-called Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) in use at Lufthansa provides flight personnel with all general, personal and flight-related information on a single end device. Deutsche Lufthansa AG decided to use the 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer by PDF Tools AG.

DocuBase Systems Inc. logo

Customers of Docubase Systems Inc. wanted a solution capable of graphically enriching printed matter; the application should simultaneously save an electronic copy and make it accessible to users. The search for suitable products led to PDF Tools.

Dr Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd. logo

A mechanism was needed that could manage the printing of more than 30,000 clinical reports daily. Test results showed that the 3-Heights™ PDF Printer was the most appropriate solution for meeting their requirements.

DTI Management AG logo

A suitable software needed to be found for the conversion from PDF to PDF/A. Easy integration, an attractive cost-benefit ratio and the high quality of the output convinced DTI Management AG to select the 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter.


Ecclesia Holding GmbH logo

At Ecclesia, various Office documents are converted into PDF format using a conversion program integrated into the central document management system and subsequently archived. The benefits of the 3-Heights™ Document Converter soon became apparent during extensive testing.

Epoq Group Ltd logo

Epoq's objective was the direct integration of a high-quality PDF viewer in Rapidocs®. Epoq was looking for an integrable solution that had none of these disadvantages but was nonetheless cost-effective.


Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) logo

The aim of the project was the conversion of incoming documents to PDF/A-1b, as well as text recognition. The present requirement to submit documents in the PDF 1.4 should be tightened to the PDF/A-1b and the conversion to PDF/A-1b should give way to a validation.

Fine Print logo

Fine Print uses a comprehensive asset management and workflow solution to store, control and manage large volumes of digital data. Fine Print searched for a tool to handle the files more efficiently and optimize them without loss of quality.

Finjan Software, Inc. logo

"Documents 1Box™" from Finjan is a secure storage application that enables users to load confidential documents and safely exchange them online with business partners and employees. The most important requirement was the ability to encrypt documents whilst they are being conditioned for the web server.


Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. logo

For converting documents, Gebrüder Weiss originally used open source software in conjunction with its in-house solution. However, certain file formats were not supported, so the company evaluated and licensed the conversion solution developed by a competitor of PDF Tools AG as part of an archive migration.

Geovap logo

GEOVAP needed an integrated and comprehensive solution for its document management software to convert various document formats to PDF/A for long-term archiving. This included doc, pdf, xls, txt, png, jpg, eml, msg and more.


iLovePDF logo

The increase in volume raised the need for more stability and quality - new PDF products were needed with the main requirement to perform the wide number of tasks quickly and at a high quality at the same time.

inbro Ltd logo

“inbro Professional Digital Printing” is used for publishing to multi-platforms from a single PDF by brochure and magazine publishers. inbro was looking for a PDF compression software with a performance comparable to Adobe’s products, that is able to be run on Linux and on cloud computing platforms.

Integra Business Systems, Inc. logo

Integra decided to replace the existing rendering software with a new toolkit that meets or exceeds the performance and experience of the existing PDF document viewer. Additionally, the rendering fidelity had to be high.

INTEGRAL concept logo

Due to recurring problems when printing PDF documents from the ERP software MECHANIK 3000, INTEGRAL concept searched for a new simple API software to integrate in the existing application and decided to implement the 3-Heights™ components.

Interact Consulting AG logo

Claims handlers should be able to induce the import process for email considered worthy of archiving and thereby triggering the archiving process. The challenge lay in developing an automated archiving process for the many millions of emails per year.

Interhyp Group logo

Interhyp was approached by one of its partners to find a solution for electronic long-term archiving. As well as being technically sound, the product also had to meet the partner’s high expectations in terms of performance and output quality.

IREKS GmbH logo

During the replacement of the sales software, new requirements were placed on the IT department: This included automatically printing the PDF documents created in the system onto different template forms. The responsible developers needed a software tool that could manage all requirements, and chose the 3-Heights™ PDF Printer.

Swiss IT company strived to implement digital solutions also for operational processes. It set itself the target to digitize contracting in general, hence moving from paper to legally valid digital contracts in PDF.

ivv GmbH logo

Decentralized printing previously involved converting incoming datastreams into a modifiable and printable file format. The objective was to eliminate this step by creating the documents in PDF format directly on the server before transferring them to the requesting client.

IWCO Direct LLC dba Mail-Gard logo

Mail-Gard processes individual PDF documents which includes merging to produce production print ready files. Mail-Gard was searching for a new tool that was able to split PDFs into individual pages and to merge up to several hundred PDF pages into a single PDF document.


j2 Global® logo

With eFax® j2 offers a solution to effortlessly send and receive faxes online on mobile phone, tablet or laptop. j2 didn’t have a single solution for the on-the-fly conversion of images to and from TIFF and PDF.


KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG logo

KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG had been scanning creditor invoices directly into ABACUS since 2014. The invoices were scanned in batches and archived in paper form as well. PDF Tools worked with its partner QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG to find the best solution.


Due to a move of location, the company decided to convert all of their paper dossiers into digital format. The requirement was that the software had to carry out its task in a stable manner with reliable quality, and in case of error no untraceable circumstances could arise.


LBBW Asset Management logo

Various marketing documents at LBBW Asset Management are automatically generated in PDF format and distributed as PDF/A to different recipients. Additionally, the conversion of PDF documents to PDF/A should not lead to any discernible loss of quality in the end result.

Lenzlinger Söhne AG logo

An OpenSource solution was already in use throughout the company. However, it was often the cause of problems. The software provider’s comprehensive PDF know-how were reason enough for Lenzlinger to bank on the 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer and PDF Assembler.

LULU Software logo

LULU Software’s recently acquired web-ecosystem needed to be migrated from Java to the .NET MVC platform. This migration required the replacement of various document processing tools provided.


Magistrate’s Office Zurich logo

Between 2,000 and 2,500 documents are fed into the DMS at the city’s magistrate’s office every day. PDF/A is the format of choice at the magistrate’s office for long-term storage and the right format for electronically signed documents. This is why this task was assigned to a specialized application.

McLaren Software Ltd. logo

To enable the dynamic application of watermarks to PDF versions of documents. The information for generating the watermark should be obtainable from a central database. The development team decided in favor of PDF Prep Tool Suite.


Almost 1,000 freelance assessors ensure that MEDICPROOF creates more than 130,000 care reports each year for private insurance companies. Handling health data requires a very high level of security. MEDICPROOF therefore needed a tool that could support the secure encryption of PDF files.

Metafile Information Systems Inc. logo

The MetaViewer product line is used for fast delivery of PDF, image and printstream files. Some Metafile customers process PDF documents containing more than 50,000 pages. The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer was able to significantly improve the display of PDF documents.

Münchener & Magdeburger Agrarversicherung AG logo

MM-Agrar’s challenge was to send unstructured documents to output printing and follow-up handling in a structured form. In order to convert PDF documents, the 3-Heights™ PDF Printer was further developed to ensure that the content could be subsequently processed.

myBica AG logo

The goal was to ensure that the processing of electronic files was part of the process at each stage and also supported the user in acquiring information. All the necessary documents needed to be easily available to the user at decisive way points.


Oerlikon logo

In the past, Oerlikon set up scanning stations with special software in various departments around the world to scan and digitize a range of documents containing business-relevant information. The collection and further processing required a lot of administrative effort within the individual organizations.

Oppolis Software Ltd logo

Regional British newspaper "The Maidenhead Advertiser" wanted to set up an online archive of current and previous publications. GoArchive can access texts within PDF documents without damaging their integrity thanks to 3-Heights™ PDF Extract API.


PDFen logo

PDFen’s objective was to decrease the effort customers had to put into preparing meetings. The customer needed a PDF Software that is able to merge and convert all kind of files by bulk into a PDF/A document and that automatically generates an agenda, the table of contents and the bookmarks.

plan-box.com AG logo

With the plan-box construction project room web application, plans, documents and protocols for various construction projects can be stored, processed, and electronically archived after project completion. These documents needed to be validated by a gatekeeper program before archiving.

PostFinance AG logo

The tool serves the purposes of archiving, filing, sharing and locating internal documents and is used for documents subject to mandatory archiving and/or of relevance to business. The reliability of the 3-Heights® Document Converter convinced PostFinance.


Quickcomm Inc. logo

Quickcomm initially was processing telecom PDF invoices manually. With this project they intended to be able to do the pre-processing for PDF data uploads into Quickcomms databases automatically.


Redwood Software Inc. logo

The highly flexible and reliable functionality of the Report2Web solution splits large numbers of reports in PDF format and merges them with new content to form new documents. The program must be able to handle incoming reports with different formats.

rhenag – Rheinische Energie AG logo

As a system solution, LIMA offers a range of coordinated modules for handling every business process in today’s energy supply industry. This called for a suitable software program to convert all emails from many different formats into the PDF/A format.



SAPERION offers quality- and cost-conscious companies a solution for every aspect of Enterprise Content Management. Quality and stability problems with existing PDF converters forced SAPERION to look around for different software.

Smallpdf GmbH logo

Attaching a large file to an email can prevent it from being sent or received due to technical limitations. In order to solve this problem, the founders of Smallpdf searched for a way to reduce the size of these files.

SNV logo

The Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) is responsible for enabling and promoting standardization activities in Switzerland. As part of their responsibility, they publish national standards and adoptions in German, French and English.

Solothurner Spitäler AG logo

Solothurn’s hospitals needed a solution for the proper archiving of electronic case files in their system. The digital environment, an eDossier based on SAP Folders Management, required all incoming Office documents and emails to be converted to PDF/A before being archived.

SSL logo

For Siemens PLM Teamcenter solution SSL evaluated several PDF technology products. Their goal was to automate the conversion of a large number of multiple drawings and MS Office documents to PDF format. The conversion had to be efficient, robust and highly accurate.

Storz Medical AG logo

The innovative devices manufactured by STORZ MEDICAL AG are characterized by above-average quality and user-friendliness. The handling of electronic user manuals calls for PDF viewing software (PDF Viewer) that goes further than the usual workstation solutions.

StratOz GmbH logo

The company required PDF tools for the further development of the Verifier, to enable amongst other things a flexible search function, the transfer of data out of PDF documents per drag and drop, and to support coordinate jumps.

SUVA logo

Since PDF files were delivered from different source systems, they are available in different PDF standards. Suva therefore needed a central conversion solution for their document management.

Swiss Life AG logo

By changing to a PDF/A conforming archive directly out of Microsoft SharePoint, Swiss Life intention is to make the documents text-searchable and, by means of a digital signature and time stamp, fulfill compliance requirements.

Swiss Mobiliar logo

Insurance requests (around 2.5 million pages per year) should in the future be converted to digitally-signed PDF/A conforming documents before they are archived. The scanned documents should be signed and stamped with an official timestamp.

Swiss Post Solutions AG logo

Swiss Post Solutions planned to extend its SPS solution so that it can provide, process and archive PDF documents (invoices and orders) in compliance with VAT requirements. This was to be achieved through the integration of an ElDI-V compliant PDF signature and the conversion of all PDF and TIFF documents into PDF/A.


tegoly GmbH logo

With tegolySIGN, the start-up provides an intuitive electronic signature solution that is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. To do this, tegoly needed a PDF viewer compatible with any browser and MS Teams, and a component for applying signatures to PDFs.

Thurgau cantonal tax administration authority logo

The electronic archive at the cantonal tax administration authority of Thurgau was introduced in pursuit of a paperless electronic file management system. Comprehensive file management of documents is intended to boost efficiency and enable a standardized archiving process.


UBS AG logo

During a routine archive review it was discovered that the UBS homepage was not included in the archiving process. It was decided that UBS should be able to prove in 5 or 20 years time what it communicates via its homepage today.

Unico Data AG logo

Customers can make use of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) from the Cloud at the Unico Data computer center. Unico Data went in search of a reliable partner for issues relating to PDF archiving. Compliance with common standards and a good price-performance ratio tipped the scales in favor of products from PDF Tools AG.


Vector Software Datenver­arbeitung GmbH logo

In order to enhance CDP, Vector needed a solution which could easily and efficiently print PDF documents based on specified settings.

Verlagsgruppe Weltbild logo

Weltbild needed a high performance software that could reliably merge and print PDF documents and could be integrated into the existing program code via an API. It should be able to handle up to 100,000 PDFs on a daily basis.

VISUS Technology Transfer GmbH logo

The free libraries that were used in the past for rendering were unable to meet the ever-increasing requirements in terms of detail and image fidelity. To ensure the safety of patients, it is vital that findings and reports are accurately rendered and legible.

Volkswagen Foundation logo

The Volkswagen Foundation had numerous different types of PDF and office documents, images and emails stored in their previous document management system (DMS). For the future, all image and PDF documents should be converted into the standardized long-term archiving format PDF/A.


ZFV Group logo

The 17 Sorell Hotels Switzerland sent their offers and day-end closing figures in printed and signed form to headquarters on a daily basis. The ZFV Group wanted to minimize these costs, reduce paperwork and simplify signature processing and archiving. To do so, the company required a solution.