3-Heights® architecture as the kernel of PDF Tools

Numerous software packages offer functionality for PDF document related processes - for private individuals to companies and organizations whose businesses require the processing of huge volumes of data and documents every day.

Our focus is on server-based applications in business environments. The mature and intelligent 3-Heights® architecture guarantees quality, performance and reliability when processing large volumes of documents.

High quality – Plug and play

High-quality PDF software processes documents from all possible sources – for example, from insurance customers making claims – even if these documents contain errors. It creates documents that conform to standards regardless of the input, thus guaranteeing interoperability with downstream systems. This software is so stable that it can guarantee error-free operation 24/7. It features easy-to-use interfaces that enable rapid integration into the system landscape. These interfaces remain stable, meaning that upgrades to new versions can be installed without inconvenient adjustments to programs.

How we maintain and improve the quality:

  • Central, highly qualified Swiss development team
  • Swiss delegate to the ISO standards committees (PDF 2.0, PDF/A)
  • Comprehensive document base (more than 100,000 documents) for test purposes
  • Multi-platform unit, regression and system testing
  • Development of new interfaces together with customers and partners
  • Research collaborations with universities (ETH)

High volume – From byte to petabyte

Server-based PDF software is able to process large numbers of documents – for example, during the creation of monthly invoices for a telecoms company. In particular, it must also support documents with a large number of pages, such as those produced by output management systems’ batch processing functions. In addition, expensive storage space – e.g. long-term memory media in archival systems – is used economically.

How we support the processing of large volumes of documents and pages:

  • Software architecture optimized for batch processing
  • Frameworks that automate batch processing tasks
  • Minimization of required storage space through optimized file creation and special compression methods (MRC)

High performance – Every millisecond counts

High-performance PDF software respects the time periods available for periodic processing, e.g. monthly/annual settlements. It uses available resources such as CPU time and main memory efficiently, minimizing costs for processing, such as for cloud providers.

How we increase processing speed and reduce throughput time:

  • Multi-threading and parallel processes reduce the throughput time
  • Code optimization enables high throughput (more than 100 pages per second)
  • Interfaces with specialized hardware (HSM for signature creation and verification)
  • Use of modern computer architecture instruction sets (SIMD)