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PDF validation

Check whether a PDF conforms to a specific PDF standard, specification, and conformance level such as PDF/A-1 or PDF/A-2b.



Add your Pdftools API key.
Specify content type as JSON.
Accepted values: application/json

Request body

Input object that contains file ID.
File ID that serves as an input for this operation.
Object that contains options for validate operation.
Claimed conformance of input document.
Accepted values: pdf10, pdf11, pdf12, pdf13, pdf14, pdf15, pdf16, pdf17, pdf20, pdf_a1_b, pdf_a1_a, pdf_a2_b, pdf_a2_u, pdf_a2_a, pdf_a3_b, pdf_a3_u, pdf_a3_a
If the file is password-protected, enter the password so the file can be processed.

PDF conformance
pdf10PDF Version 1.0
pdf11PDF Version 1.1
pdf12PDF Version 1.2
pdf13PDF Version 1.3
pdf14PDF Version 1.4 (corresponds to Acrobat 5)
pdf15PDF Version 1.5
pdf16PDF Version 1.6 (corresponds to Acrobat 7)
pdf17PDF Version 1.7, ISO 32000-1
pdf20PDF Version 2.0, ISO 32000-2
pdf_a1_bPDF/A-1b, ISO 19005-1, level B conformance
pdf_a1_aPDF/A-1a, ISO 19005-1, level A conformance
pdf_a2_bPDF/A-2b, ISO 19005-2, level B conformance
pdf_a2_uPDF/A-2u, ISO 19005-2, level U conformance
pdf_a2_aPDF/A-2a, ISO 19005-2, level A conformance
pdf_a3_bPDF/A-3b, ISO 19005-3, level B conformance
pdf_a3_uPDF/A-3u, ISO 19005-3, level U conformance
pdf_a3_aPDF/A-3a, ISO 19005-3, level A conformance

Example request body

"options": {
"password": "password",
"conformance": "pdf_a2_a"
"input": {
"fileId": "6839d1a1-d318-439f-9e5e-57ad9f9d432c"

Example responses

"operationId": "ff37130c-ad4f-42d3-b9a1-83838304816a",
"operationType": "validate",
"operationStatus": "inProgress"