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Version: Version 1.7

Getting started with the Pdftools SDK

Welcome to the Pdftools SDK getting started guides. The Pdftools SDK is a comprehensive development library that lets developers integrate advanced PDF functionalities into in-house applications. Guides for C, .NET, Java, and Python explain how to work with a sample project, and then walk you through the steps necessary to integrate the SDK into your application. The Pdftools SDK guide for other languages provides steps to use the Pdftools SDK with other programming languages. Go is used as an illustrative example.

Trial license

The Pdftools SDK and Pdftools SDK Shell Tool don't require a trial license key, but the Toolbox add-on requires it. You can use the same license key for Pdftools SDK, Pdftools Shell Tool, and the Toolbox add-on.

SDKTo try the SDKOutput filesGet a license key
Pdftools SDKNo trial license key is needed.Watermarked results without a license key.To remove the watermark from the output files, contact the sales team through the Contact page.
Pdftools SDK Shell Tool
Toolbox add-onObtain a license key to try the SDK.Obtain a license key to use the SDK.To try the SDK, contact sales team through the Contact page.