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PageCopyOptions Class

This class determines whether and how different PDF elements are copied.
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Namespace: PdfTools.DocumentAssembly
Assembly: PdfTools (in PdfTools.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class PageCopyOptions : NativeObject

The PageCopyOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodPageCopyOptions 
Public propertyAnnotations

Copy strategy for annotations.

Specifies how interactive annotations (like sticky notes or text highlights) are treated when copying a page. This does not include links, form fields and signature fields which are not considered annotations in this product.

Default value: Copy

Public propertyCopyAssociatedFiles

Copy associated files.

Specifies whether embedded files associated with a page or any of its subobjects are also copied when copying the page.

Default value:

Public propertyCopyLogicalStructure

Copy the logical structure and tagging information.

Specifies whether the logical structure and tagging information associated with a page or its content is also copied when copying the page.

This is required if the target document conformance is PDF/A Level a.

Default value:

Public propertyCopyOutlineItems

Copy outline items (bookmarks).

Specifies whether outline items (also known as bookmarks) pointing to the copied page should be copied to the target document automatically.

Default value:

Public propertyFormFieldConflictResolution

Resolution of conflicting form field names.

Form field of different files can have the same name (identifier). This property specifies how name conflicts are resolved, when copying pages from multiple source files.

Default value: Merge

Public propertyFormFields

Copy strategy for form fields.

Specifies how form fields are treated when copying a page.

Default value: Copy

Public propertyLinks

Copy strategy for links.

Specifies how links (document internal and external links) are treated when copying a page.

Default value: Copy

Public propertyNamedDestinations

Copy strategy for named destinations

Specify whether named destinations are resolved when copying a page.

Default value: Copy

Public propertyOptimizeResources

Find and merge redundant resources.

Find and merge redundant resources such as fonts and images. This can lead to much smaller files, especially when copying pages from multiple similar source files. However, it also results in longer processing time.

Default value:

Public propertySignedSignatures

Removal strategy for signed signature fields.

Signed digital signatures are always invalidated when copying a page and therefore have to be removed. This property specifies, whether the visual representation of the signature is preserved.

Default value: Remove

Public propertyUnsignedSignatures

Copy strategy for unsigned signature fields.

Specifies how signature fields are treated, that are not yet signed.

Default value: Copy

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