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PdfTools.Pdf Namespace

Public classCertificationSignature

A document certification (MDP) signature that certifies the document

These signatures are also called Document Modification Detection and Prevention (MDP) signatures. This type of signature enables the detection of rejected changes specified by the author.
Public classConformance The conformance of a PDF document
Public classDocument

The PDF document

PDF documents are either opened using Open(Stream, String) or the result of an operation, e.g. of PDF optimization (see OptimizeDocument(Document, Stream, Profile, OutputOptions)).
Public classDocumentSignature

A document signature that signs the document

Document signatures are sometimes also called approval signatures. This type of signature lets you verify the integrity of the signed part of the document and authenticate the signer’s identity.
Public classDocumentTimestamp

A document time-stamp signature that time-stamps the document

This type of signature provides evidence that the document existed at a specific time and protects the document’s integrity.
Public classEncryption

The parameters to encrypt PDF documents

PDF document can be encrypted to protect content from unauthorized access. The encryption process applies encryption to all streams (e.g. images) and strings, but not to other items in the PDF document. This means the structure of the PDF document is accessible, but the content of its pages is encrypted.

The standard security handler allows access permissions and up to two passwords to be specified for a document: A user password (see UserPassword) and an owner password (see OwnerPassword).

The following list shows the four possible combinations of passwords and how an application processing such a PDF document behaves:

  • No user password, no owner password (no encryption):

    Everyone can read, i.e. no password required to open the document. Everyone can change security settings.

  • No user password, owner password:

    Everyone can read, i.e. no password required to open the document. Access permissions are restricted (unless the owner password is provided). Owner password required to change security settings.

  • User password, no owner password:

    User password required to read. All access permissions are granted.

  • User password, owner password:

    User or owner password required to read. Access permissions are restricted (unless the owner password is provided). Owner password required to change security settings.

Since encryption is not allowed by the PDF/A ISO standards, PDF/A documents must not be encrypted.

Public classMetadata

Represents the metadata of a document or an object in a document.

For document level metadata, all changes are reflected in both, XMP metadata and document info dictionary depending on the conformance of the document.

Public classMetadataSettings It allows you to set and update individual metadata properties. Any metadata properties that have been explicitly set are included in the output document.
Public classOutputOptions

The parameters for document-level features of output PDFs

Output options are used in many operations that create PDF documents.
Public classRevision

The document revision

Public classSignature

A base class for certain signature types

Public classSignatureField

A digital signature field

Public classSignatureFieldList
Public classSignedSignatureField

A base class for signature fields that have been signed

The existence of a signed signature field does not imply that the signature is valid. The signature is not validated at all.
Public classUnsignedSignatureField

An unsigned signature field

An unsigned signature field that can be signed. The purpose of the signature field is to indicate that the document should be signed and to define the page and position where the visual appearance of the signature should be placed. This is especially useful for forms and contracts that have dedicated spaces for signatures.
Public enumerationConformancePdfALevel The PDF/A conformance level that defines the requirements on the quality of the document's content.
Public enumerationMdpPermissions
Public enumerationPermission

The permissions allowed by a PDF document

  • See Permissions to read the permissions of a PDF document.
  • See Encryption to set the permissions when encrypting a PDF document.
Public enumerationXfaType

The XFA type of a PDF document

See Xfa to get the XFA type of a PDF document.