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PdfTools.Optimization Namespace

Public classFontOptions

The parameters for font optimization

Public classImageRecompressionOptions

The parameters for image recompression

Public classOptimizer

The class to optimize PDF documents

Public classRemovalOptions

The parameters defining the optional data to remove or flatten

Removal options specify the PDF data structures to copy or remove, e.g. article threads, metadata, or alternate images.

In addition, the visual appearances of signatures, annotations, form fields, and links can be flattened.

Flattening means, that the appearance of such a data structure is drawn as non-editable graphic onto the page; for visual appearances of signatures, flattening has a slightly different meaning (see property RemoveSignatureAppearances).

Public enumerationCompressionAlgorithmSelection

The strategy for recompressing images

The strategy expresses the broad goal when recompressing images.
Public enumerationConversionStrategy

The conversion strategy for PDF objects

Public enumerationRemovalStrategy

The removal strategy for PDF objects