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PdfTools.Geometry.Units Namespace

Public classSizePaperSizes Constants for standard paper sizes
Public structureLength

Struct that represents a measurable length.

Provides conversion between units, parsing of string representations, and basic mathematical operations.

The unit used in PDF documents is pt(Double) which is also used internally by the Length object to store length values. For that reason, when converting units from and to the internally used unit, minor numerical differences can occur due to floating-point arithmetic.

Public structureMargin

The margin defines the space around elements.

The class is based on the respective distances left, bottom, right, and top of type Length.

Public structurePoint

Struct that represents a point that is based on a X-coordinate and a Y-coordinate of type Length.

Creates a Point object by parsing a string representation and creates a string representation of a Point object.

Public structureRectangle Struct that represents a rectangle that is based on a position (origin) of type Point and a size of type Size that spans the rectangle.
Public structureResolution The resolution defines the spatial dot density, e.g. of images.
Public structureSize

Struct that represents a size that is based on a width and height of type Length.

Constructs from standard paper sizes, generates a string representation, and sets portrait and landscape mode.