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PdfTools.Crypto.Providers.BuiltIn Namespace

Public classProvider

The built-in cryptographic provider

The built-in cryptographic provider requires no cryptographic hardware or external service (except for the optional TimestampUrl).

Signing certificates with private keys can be loaded using CreateSignatureFromCertificate(Stream, String).

Certificates Directory: Additional certificates, e.g. issuer certificates, can be stored in the certificates directory. These certificates are required when adding validation information to signatures that do not have the full trust chain embedded. The certificates directory may contain certificates in either PEM (.pem, ASCII text) or DER (.cer, binary) form.

  • Windows:
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\PDF Tools AG\Certificates
    • %ProgramData%\PDF Tools AG\Certificates
  • Linux:
    • ~/.pdf-tools/Certificates or $TMP/pdf-tools/Certificates
    • /usr/share/pdf-tools/Certificates
  • macOS:
    • ~/.pdf-tools/Certificates or $TMP/pdf-tools/Certificates

Public classSignatureConfiguration

The signature configuration

Public classTimestampConfiguration

The time-stamp configuration