Class CmsSignatureContent

  • public class CmsSignatureContent
    extends SignatureContent

    The data and validation result of the cryptographic signature

    • Method Detail

      • getValidationTime

        public java.time.OffsetDateTime getValidationTime()

        The time at which the signature has been validated (Getter)

      • getValidationTimeSource

        public java.util.EnumSet<TimeSource> getValidationTimeSource()

        The source for the validation time (Getter)

      • getHashAlgorithm

        public HashAlgorithm getHashAlgorithm()

        The hash algorithm used to calculate the signature's message digest (Getter)

      • getTimeStamp

        public TimeStampContent getTimeStamp()

        The data and validation result of the embedded time-stamp (Getter)

      • getSigningCertificate

        public Certificate getSigningCertificate()

        The signing certificate (Getter)

      • getCertificateChain

        public CertificateChain getCertificateChain()

        The certificate chain of the signing certificate (Getter)