Class AnalysisResult

    • Method Detail

      • getRecommendedConformance

        public Conformance getRecommendedConformance()

        The recommended conversion conformance (Getter)

        The optimal PDF/A conformance for the conversion (i.e. the pdftools.pdfa.conversion.ConversionOptions.getConformance). The recommended conformance level might be higher than the analysis conformance, if the document actually contains all data required for the higher level. It might also be lower, if the document is missing some required data.
      • getIsConversionRecommended

        public boolean getIsConversionRecommended()

        Whether the document should be converted to PDF/A (Getter)

        A conversion is generally recommended in the following cases:

        • If getIsConforming() is false, i.e. if the document does not conform to the getConformance().
        • If the document is conforming, but other issues are found for which a conversion is highly recommended. For example, if certain corner cases of the specification are detected.

        Note that in certain processes it might also be beneficial to convert a document if its conformance does not match the getRecommendedConformance(). This will actually upgrade the PDF/A level of the input document.

      • getIsConforming

        public boolean getIsConforming()

        Whether the document is conforming (Getter)

        Whether the document conforms to the getConformance(). Note that even if this property returns true a conversion might still be recommended as indicated by getIsConversionRecommended().
      • getIsSigned

        public boolean getIsSigned()

        Whether the document is digitally signed (Getter)

      • getHasEmbeddedFiles

        public boolean getHasEmbeddedFiles()

        Whether the document contains embedded files (Getter)

      • getFontCount

        public int getFontCount()

        The number of fonts used in the document (Getter)