Class Fax

  • public class Fax
    extends Profile

    The profile to convert PDF documents to TIFF Fax images

    This profile is suitable for converting PDFs into TIFF-F conforming rasterized images for Facsimile transmission.

    The output format is a multi-page TIFF file containing all rasterized PDF pages.

    By default,

    • the output images are Group 3 - compressed
    • scaled to a width of 1728 pixels, a horizontal resolution of 204 DPI, and a vertical resolution of 98 DPI
    • all colors and gray scale tones are converted to bitonal by using dithering

    The compression type and the vertical resolution can be set through getImageOptions().

    • Constructor Detail

      • Fax

        public Fax()
    • Method Detail

      • getImageOptions

        public FaxImageOptions getImageOptions()

        The settings for the output image (Getter)

      • getImageSectionMapping

        public RenderPageAsFax getImageSectionMapping()

        The image section mapping (Getter)

        This property specifies how a PDF page is placed onto the target image.