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OutputOptionsAddValidationInformation Property

Add validation information to existing signatures of input document

Add signature validation information to the document security store (DSS). This information includes:

  • All certificates of the signing certificate’s trust chain, unless they are already embedded into the signature.
  • Revocation data (OCSP or CRL) for all certificates that support revocation information.
This method can be used to create signatures with long-term validation material or to enlarge the longevity of existing signatures. For more details on validation information, see also ValidationInformation.

Validation information for embedded time-stamp tokens is added as well.

If adding validation information fails, an Warning with an AddValidationInformationFailed is generated.

All types of cryptographic providers support this method. However, this method fails when using a provider whose certificate store is missing a required certificate.

Note: This property has no effect on any new signatures or time-stamp that may also be added. The validation information of signatures and time-stamps is controlled by the respective property in the signature or time-stamp configuration object.

Note: This method does not validate the signatures, but only downloads the information required.

Note: Adding validation information for expired certificates is not possible. Therefore, it is crucial to enlarge the longevity of signatures before they expire.

Note: Adding validation information to document certification (MDP) signatures is not possible, because it would break the signature. Validation information must be added to certification signatures when creating them.

Default: None

Namespace: PdfTools.Sign
Assembly: PdfTools (in PdfTools.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public AddValidationInformation AddValidationInformation { get; set; }

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